Wednesday, April 10, 2013

TV Talk: DWTS, Celebrity Apprentice and The Walking Dead

Lately we've been watching a lot of TV.  We're like an old couple with our TV schedule and we get bent out of shape if we don't watch them.

-This was me all through Dancing with the Stars Monday night. 
tina fey crying gif
A crying fool.  I don't know what got into me.  I cried during Karina and Jacoby's foxtrot for his son.  I cried during Sharna and Andy's waltz for his daughter.  I sobbed during Derek and Kellie's rumba.  Kym and Ingo said they'd be dancing to Christina Perri's 1,000 Years and I cried before they even made it to the dance floor.  At press time I haven't watched the results but I'm betting Vanderpump goes home.  And Kellie and Derek are still my early favorites to win.  
[Edit: I was right. Just wanted to point that out.]
-I told you the husband talked me into trying The Walking Dead from the beginning.  Well we binged and watched the first 2 seasons in a week.  I'm sooo glad we did.  The moment that got me most was when we found out what happened to sweet little Sophia.  She walked out of the barn and I was like...
"Signs" shocked gif
 ...and then I cried.  And I totally get why everyone likes Daryl and hates Lori.
After watching the final episode we had I went to the local gas station and saw a methhead.  My very first thought was "WALKER!".  

-Celebrity Apprentice.  I loved this episode featuring Trump's Mrs.  And the look she gave when she realized they'd misspelled her name was priceless.
puzzled gif 
And I'm sorry, but Dennis Rodman is just an idiot of the worst kind.  I wonder when he'll make his next trip to visit his good buddy, Kim.  Prick.
 Tonight it looks like the lineup will be Modern Family and Nashville.  
As far as that goes, Modern Family is still hilarious and Hayden Panettiere is still not hot.
What are you watching tonight?

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  1. Daryl is the best! He's my favorite character!

  2. Here from the hop! Daryl is totally my favorite character too! Do you think he will take over when obviously Rick loses his mind?

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    new follower bev


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