Friday, April 26, 2013

Two-Thirds Scarlett Is Now On Facebook!

Morning, all!
A couple of quick things:
Today we (Chris, Mom, Dad and myself) are driving down to Tuscaloosa to move my little sister back home for the summer.  I'm excited about it!  They're taking us to some sandwich shop I've never been to for lunch.  The weather should be pretty much perfect so I'm looking forward to walking around campus and maybe getting a new t-shirt.  Chris will naturally be wearing his Florida crap so the rest of us are going to wear our Bama gear to hopefully drown him out so as not to attract attention to the fact that we brought a Florida fan on campus.
It's sacrilegious, really.
And something kind of exciting for me: I now have a facebook page!  So hop on over and give me Like!  And thanks to everyone who has done so already!
Have a perfect weekend!
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1 comment:

  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA that Gator Boy might get his ass kicked in Tuscaloosa. Obviously, during basketball season, I am a diehard Kentucky fan and bleed blue for my Wildcats. As for football, there is nothing I love more than SEC football rivalries. Saturdays are my favorite day and I love being a Southern football Belle. =)

    Oh, and ROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!
    (my uncle is a 'Bama Boy and would erase me from my will if I didn't shout this)



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