Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Bad Trends, Reckless Driving and The Great Debate

1. I had a 4 day weekend but with the yard sale, I feel like I didn't even have one!  They are a LOT of work!

2. It is beyond me why this is a trend right now:
3. Thank you to Kalyn for inspiring me to get sized for a new bra with this post.  Turns out my cups overflow more than I knew.  And BOOM there goes a good chunk of my yard sale money. 

4. Chris and I started watching Les Miserables last night.  I say started because I feel asleep during "One More Day" (or is it "One Day More"?...whatever).  And when I wasn't asleep Chris was whining about watching it in the first place.
5. So apparently The Biebs has become hell on wheels.  This kid is one fat joint away from a complete breakdown.

6. Got a new vacuum.  Oh yeeah.
7.  We went to see baby Ty Sunday!  Everybody passed him around while he slept and when it was my turn he SCREAMED!  That boy's got pipes.  But jokes on them because I got to feed him, burp him AND rock him to sleep. #BabyWinning.

8. DWTS: Yay!  Kellie won and I called in week 2!  Less of a woman.  More of a prophet.  Sorry, Zendaya.
 Yes, I know it hurts.

9. Chris and I were having a debate:  who do you think will die first?  Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes?  My money is on Amanda.  Her spiral has been faster than LiLo's.

10. True story.
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Monday, May 27, 2013

Lest They Be Forgotten

It's not about boats, barbecue, beach trips or even a long weekend (which I must admit I'm enjoying).
It's not even about thanking our veterans. (But feel free to do this anyway.)  It's about remembering the fallen.
Remembering the  1,346,000+ men and women who have died in service to our nation.
memorial day graves
They don't get half the respect they deserve.
[Begin Rant] Google has a different fun little main page art for every insignificant "holiday".  But not today.  Today warrants an itty bitty American flag and yellow ribbon under the search bar.  It seems Memorial Day is a mere afterthought to the people at Google. [End Rant]
Enjoy your day off but never forget.
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Stealing Babies, The Biebs and When Jacets Attack

 1. All prayers to Oklahoma today.  It all looks very familiar to us here in Alabama.  Here are several way we can help.

2. A tornado survivor finds something to be thankful for in the rubble.  
[Warning: have tissues available when you watch this.]

 A little more light hearted...

 3. Can someone stop what they're doing and get little Justin Bieber a block of cheese to go with all his whine? (Yea, I used that joke.)
Seriously.  Get over yourself.
4. DWTS - I think Kelli solidified herself as winner last night.  Just perfect.  I really didn't care for anyone else's big freestyle and I'll be livid if anyone but Kelli and Derek win.
And Allie and Mark, if you're going to use a pole, for goodness sake USE a pole.

5. So very accurate.

6. Is it weird that I'm getting really excited about our big yard sale this weekend?

7. This should definitely brighten your day!  It gets stupid funny around 1:40.

8. I'm starting to feel that my clothes are fitting a little tighter.  I should be thinking "wow, I should go on a diet or something".  Instead I'm thinking..."I'll just start buying my clothes in a bigger size".  Problem solved.

9. Prepare for cuteness:
Casey Marie Photography
 Someone left me a comment on my last post giving me big congratulations about Ty.  (I think she thought he was mine).  I almost replied "oh thank you!  I DO make beautiful babies!".  He looks nothing like me but I'd claim in a hot second!  I'm going to stop now.  I sound like a baby thief.

10. Just because we all need a cheap laugh:
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Sunday, May 19, 2013


baby Tyler

Thankful for: This little guy.  Tyler Drew came into the world with no troubles Thursday afternoon.  He's absolutely perfect.  Just like his big brother was.  And this time I didn't cry uncontrollably like when T was born.  I'm so excited to have another baby to love on!  Aunt Li Li and Aunt Kay Kay came bearing gifts!  Two onesies with pirates ships and dinosaurs for Ty and a Mr. Potato Head for T.

Reading: Welp, I gave up on The Host.  Just didn't want to read it anymore.  Completely lost my interest.  If anyone has finished it and thinks I should pick it up and give it another try, let me know.  I started Jaws last week.  It's one of my favorite movies and I'm finding that a lot of my favorite movies are even better books.  The Exorcist, The Silence of the Lambs, and so forth.  But probably not the best idea, given the fact that we're going to the beach in less than two months...

Watching: Pride and Prejudice.  The Keira Knightly version.  Over and over...and over again.  Am I crazy for preferring Mr. Bingley over Mr. Darcy?  I recorded it about four weeks ago and it's been my go-to movie when Chris isn't home.  Which is right now...

Anticipating:  A long weekend.  I took off work Friday because we're having a big multi-family yardsale and then we're off Monday for Memorial Day.  Four days off...in a row?  Woo hoo!

Loving: my fresh pink pedicure, Macklemore's Can't Hold Us, Blue Bell's Dutch Chocolate ice cream, looking at everyone's wedding photos from this wedding season, turquoise, playing with the kitties and their new catnip toys, finally having my full length mirror in our bedroom. wearing sandals, having lots do to and look forward to.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dear Maw

I miss you.  I think of you everyday and there's so much I wish I could tell you.

At Christmas Kaylen made your chocolate cake.  It was her best one to date.  She's got the frosting down pat.  I think it's as close to yours as anyone will ever get.

You suddenly popped into my mind a few weeks ago at work.  I was working with a little girl modeling t-shirts for us.  Her grandmother was there getting her dressed for each picture and in between shots she'd brush the little girl's long hair.  All I could see was you sitting on the couch in your living room brushing my hair just like that, so gently.  I couldn't think about much else the rest of the day.

Dad brought home a bunch of pictures from your house and I found a picture of me in my Hooters uniform that someone had printed off for you to see.  It reminded me of what you said when you found out I worked there.  They said you just laughed and said "well.. I still love her!"

You never judged anyone.

We were talking one night about baby names and we dove back into an ongoing battle over a name that I like that everyone else thinks is ridiculous.  Mom said "What do you think your Maw would say about Tallulah??"  I said that I knew exactly what you would say.  You would just smile and say "well...that's YOUR decision!".  Even if you hated it you'd never tell me! 

I wish mine could meet you.  I always pictured you getting to hold my babies for the first time.

Psalm 30:5
At your service the preacher was talking about how serene and kind you were.  He said that he was sure you had a fault somewhere, he just didn't know what it was.  I sat there and thought to myself "...I know what it was".  Every once in a blue moon, if you got real annoyed you'd let a cuss word fly and then cover your mouth, blush and get all embarrassed.  I couldn't help but smile in the pew.  I know, sometimes there are just no other words that will do!

Kaylen and I still laugh about the time you told the guy that cut you off at McDonalds to "just kiss it". 

I got the Disney book I loved so much from your house.  I like to flip through the pages real fast and breathe them in because they still smell like your house.  Comforting.  It's sitting on our mantle in our new home.

I wish I had taken the time to ask you what your favorite song or color was or how long you and Poppie dated before you got married or how old you were when you were saved.

I wonder what you saw in your last moments.  Is there some divine light like everyone says?  Were there angels in the room we couldn't see?  How many earthly minutes passed between the time you left and when you first saw God's face?  It was the most amazing thing standing in your bedroom with you knowing that you weren't there, but in the presence of our King.  It's overwhelming to think of.

I prayed once for God to just tell you I said I love and miss you.  Not really sure if it works like that but figured it was worth a shot. 

Because I do miss you terribly.
I want so much to be like you.
I love you.


PS. It still bothers me that you hated cats.
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

8 Things To Do at a Pro Wrestling House Show

Impact Wrestling House Show
I mentioned in my Ten on Tuesday that I went to a Pro Wrestling house show (meaning not televised) in Birmingham with Chris Friday night.  Admittedly not my idea of fun.  (I was actually cursing the name of a friend who Chris bought the ticket for but was on vacation.  Thanks, Matt.)  This particular show was TNA Impact Wrestling.  It airs every Thursday night on Spike. 
You're probably like me and have never been to one of these shows before.  If you ever find yourself with free tickets and no idea what to expect, here's
8 Things To Do At A Pro Wrestling House Show:
1. Buy an overpriced T-shirt.
Impact Wrestling House Show
2. Take awkward photos at the "meet and greet".
Impact Wrestling Gail Kim and Robbie E
3. Get called "baby" by Velvet Sky and get really giddy about it...Me not Chris.
Impact Wrestling Velvet Sky

4. Decide to renew your gym membership.
Impact Wrestling Velvet Sky
5. Cheer for your favorite wrestlers.
Impact Wrestling Christoper Daniels
6. Heckle your not so favorites.
Impact Wrestling House Show
7. GET heckled by the referee.
Impact Wrestling House Show
8. Feel like a 13 year old boy again and so not be ashamed of it.
Impact Wrestling House Show

Smack me twice and call me Nancy, I actually had fun.
And the husband was walking on air the next two days. 
Totally worth it.
 Love and Body Slams,
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Ten on Tuesday - I Got Nothing for This One

 1. Two days til Mr. Tyler Drew!

2. No exaggeration.

 3. Please, Lord, give me this kind of courage if I ever need it.
And the police lady said "unfortunately" she killed the suspect?  Screw that noise!

 4. Friday Night I accompanied Chris to a pro wrestling house show.  Yeah, I know.  I WILL be blogging about that later.  He says "it's not fake, it's staged".

5. I've gotten two scam texts in the past week from a "bank" telling me to call and give my info because my "account" has been frozen.  This makes me want to gut someone like a fish.

6. Yes, Mr. Williams.  You did.

 7. DWTS: THIS is why Zendaya shouldn't even be on the show.  She had to dance hip hop this week...and she's a hip hop dancer.  I'll be livid if anyone but Kelli wins.
And I dreamed last night that I was waltzing with Derek Hough.  Le sigh...
 8. Don't bring your chihuahua around me.

9. Been in the house almost four months now.  Still not a thing on the walls.

 10. Hahaha.  Oh, Chef Ramsey...

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

This Non-Mom Got a Mother's Day Gift

Friday I got a very unexpected gift delivered to me at work.
Some gorgeous tulips!...
...With this note attached.

I read the first line of the card and thought "CRAP I've got somebody else's flowers".  Needless to say, i was surprised!  After explaining my "mothers day" gift to everyone in the office, I ran outside and called Chris.
Me: Thank you for my flowers!
Chris: What flowers?
MeOk.  The cats just picked up the phone and ordered from ProFlowers by themselves.
Chris: Gus said something about it but I didn't think he was really going to do it.
However they were ordered, it was super sweet and absolutely made my day.
But Happy Mother's Day to an actual mother.  Mine!
"...She is far more precious than jewels."
Proverbs 31:10
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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pinterest Project for a Not-So-Crafty Girl

Hello, friends. 

Yesterday after work Lauren and I had a fun time doing a pinterest project together in my driveway.  We've been saying forever we're going to do this!

You've probably all seen this pin:
You take neat glass vases, pour some glass paint in, swish it around and BANG.  Awesome works of art.

Not quite that easy.  Clearly.

 A couple of weeks ago we went thrifting and I picked up a few cool looking, different sized vases.  I almost decided not to paint them because they looked so pretty sitting in my kitchen window with the sunlight coming through:

We gathered all of our supplies and headed out into the pretty day.
-Vases (duh.)
-LOTS of paper towels
-Martha Stewart glass paint in our favorite colors
-A measuring cup of water in case we needed to dilute it.

Lauren went first.  She squirted the paint into the vase...and nothing happened.  It just stuck there in blobs.  It's not as simple as just swishing it around.  You have to repeatedly hit the vase to get the paint to budge.  Lauren basically beat her vase to a violent, coral colored death.

Wondering what's going on in there.  

After diluting the paint with some water and some more beating we started to see progress.
In the time it took me to do one, Lauren finished both of hers. 

It didn't go exactly as planned, but then again what does?  We still had fun and we're both pleased with how they turned out!
If you try your hand at this, dilute the paint with water in something like a dixie cup FIRST and mix it together.  That would have made it easier.  This is definitely something fun to do on a sunny Saturday.


Read Lauren's perspective on our pinterest project here.

Right now, I'm kind of glad Chris is colorblind so he doesn't see that the driveway is just a little bit brighter now.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Drunk Cats are the BEST Cats

 1. So Justin Bieber got "attacked" on stage in Dubai.  Seriously.  Look up the video.  The little girls in the audience lose their minds.

2. I am LIVING for this photo.
 3. I defy you to listen to Til We Grow Older by Imagine Dragons and not get stupid happy.

4. DWTS.  Oh Em Gee.  Kelli and Derek's dance was so amazing we watched it twice.  And my little Irishman looks dang good even in eyeliner. 

5. A week and two days til Tyler Drew makes his appearance into the world!

6. Drunk cats are the best cats.

 7. Painting vases tonight with Lauren!  This is either going to be really awesome or bitterly disappointing.

8. Speaking of bitterly disappointing, watched Silver Linings Playbook over the weekend and didn't care for it.  LOVED the book.  Didn't like the screen adaptation.  Anyone else feel this way?

9. I found myself crying like a fool (nothing weird there) over a Disney pin that some cold, heartless person put together: the saddest Disney moments ever.  Simba finding his dead father, the old lady dropping Todd off in the woods, Littlefoot's Mom dying...it was all there.  And I couldn't handle it.
10. I am now having actual dreams of going into a gas station and finding oreo cakesters.

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