Tuesday, May 14, 2013

8 Things To Do at a Pro Wrestling House Show

Impact Wrestling House Show
I mentioned in my Ten on Tuesday that I went to a Pro Wrestling house show (meaning not televised) in Birmingham with Chris Friday night.  Admittedly not my idea of fun.  (I was actually cursing the name of a friend who Chris bought the ticket for but was on vacation.  Thanks, Matt.)  This particular show was TNA Impact Wrestling.  It airs every Thursday night on Spike. 
You're probably like me and have never been to one of these shows before.  If you ever find yourself with free tickets and no idea what to expect, here's
8 Things To Do At A Pro Wrestling House Show:
1. Buy an overpriced T-shirt.
Impact Wrestling House Show
2. Take awkward photos at the "meet and greet".
Impact Wrestling Gail Kim and Robbie E
3. Get called "baby" by Velvet Sky and get really giddy about it...Me not Chris.
Impact Wrestling Velvet Sky

4. Decide to renew your gym membership.
Impact Wrestling Velvet Sky
5. Cheer for your favorite wrestlers.
Impact Wrestling Christoper Daniels
6. Heckle your not so favorites.
Impact Wrestling House Show
7. GET heckled by the referee.
Impact Wrestling House Show
8. Feel like a 13 year old boy again and so not be ashamed of it.
Impact Wrestling House Show

Smack me twice and call me Nancy, I actually had fun.
And the husband was walking on air the next two days. 
Totally worth it.
 Love and Body Slams,
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