Monday, May 27, 2013

Lest They Be Forgotten

It's not about boats, barbecue, beach trips or even a long weekend (which I must admit I'm enjoying).
It's not even about thanking our veterans. (But feel free to do this anyway.)  It's about remembering the fallen.
Remembering the  1,346,000+ men and women who have died in service to our nation.
memorial day graves
They don't get half the respect they deserve.
[Begin Rant] Google has a different fun little main page art for every insignificant "holiday".  But not today.  Today warrants an itty bitty American flag and yellow ribbon under the search bar.  It seems Memorial Day is a mere afterthought to the people at Google. [End Rant]
Enjoy your day off but never forget.
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  1. I hate that so many people just treat this like a day off from school/work! I work at a grocery store and customers feel sorry for me not getting to stay home...I don't think they realize that they only get the day off because other people made sacrifices!


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