Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pinterest Project for a Not-So-Crafty Girl

Hello, friends. 

Yesterday after work Lauren and I had a fun time doing a pinterest project together in my driveway.  We've been saying forever we're going to do this!

You've probably all seen this pin:
You take neat glass vases, pour some glass paint in, swish it around and BANG.  Awesome works of art.

Not quite that easy.  Clearly.

 A couple of weeks ago we went thrifting and I picked up a few cool looking, different sized vases.  I almost decided not to paint them because they looked so pretty sitting in my kitchen window with the sunlight coming through:

We gathered all of our supplies and headed out into the pretty day.
-Vases (duh.)
-LOTS of paper towels
-Martha Stewart glass paint in our favorite colors
-A measuring cup of water in case we needed to dilute it.

Lauren went first.  She squirted the paint into the vase...and nothing happened.  It just stuck there in blobs.  It's not as simple as just swishing it around.  You have to repeatedly hit the vase to get the paint to budge.  Lauren basically beat her vase to a violent, coral colored death.

Wondering what's going on in there.  

After diluting the paint with some water and some more beating we started to see progress.
In the time it took me to do one, Lauren finished both of hers. 

It didn't go exactly as planned, but then again what does?  We still had fun and we're both pleased with how they turned out!
If you try your hand at this, dilute the paint with water in something like a dixie cup FIRST and mix it together.  That would have made it easier.  This is definitely something fun to do on a sunny Saturday.


Read Lauren's perspective on our pinterest project here.

Right now, I'm kind of glad Chris is colorblind so he doesn't see that the driveway is just a little bit brighter now.

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