Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Bad Trends, Reckless Driving and The Great Debate

1. I had a 4 day weekend but with the yard sale, I feel like I didn't even have one!  They are a LOT of work!

2. It is beyond me why this is a trend right now:
3. Thank you to Kalyn for inspiring me to get sized for a new bra with this post.  Turns out my cups overflow more than I knew.  And BOOM there goes a good chunk of my yard sale money. 

4. Chris and I started watching Les Miserables last night.  I say started because I feel asleep during "One More Day" (or is it "One Day More"?...whatever).  And when I wasn't asleep Chris was whining about watching it in the first place.
5. So apparently The Biebs has become hell on wheels.  This kid is one fat joint away from a complete breakdown.

6. Got a new vacuum.  Oh yeeah.
7.  We went to see baby Ty Sunday!  Everybody passed him around while he slept and when it was my turn he SCREAMED!  That boy's got pipes.  But jokes on them because I got to feed him, burp him AND rock him to sleep. #BabyWinning.

8. DWTS: Yay!  Kellie won and I called in week 2!  Less of a woman.  More of a prophet.  Sorry, Zendaya.
 Yes, I know it hurts.

9. Chris and I were having a debate:  who do you think will die first?  Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes?  My money is on Amanda.  Her spiral has been faster than LiLo's.

10. True story.
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  1. Awwww Les Miserables, I enjoyed the movie but Husband left before the opening credits ended. Obviously, he was MISERABLE. hahahaha

    Yay for a new vacuum, it's the small things in life. For sure.


  2. #9. I would also say Amanda. Poor girl
    I love Grumpy Cat! :)

  3. No. Just not. Socks with stilettos?!?!? Say it ain't so.


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