Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Drunk Cats are the BEST Cats

 1. So Justin Bieber got "attacked" on stage in Dubai.  Seriously.  Look up the video.  The little girls in the audience lose their minds.

2. I am LIVING for this photo.
 3. I defy you to listen to Til We Grow Older by Imagine Dragons and not get stupid happy.

4. DWTS.  Oh Em Gee.  Kelli and Derek's dance was so amazing we watched it twice.  And my little Irishman looks dang good even in eyeliner. 

5. A week and two days til Tyler Drew makes his appearance into the world!

6. Drunk cats are the best cats.

 7. Painting vases tonight with Lauren!  This is either going to be really awesome or bitterly disappointing.

8. Speaking of bitterly disappointing, watched Silver Linings Playbook over the weekend and didn't care for it.  LOVED the book.  Didn't like the screen adaptation.  Anyone else feel this way?

9. I found myself crying like a fool (nothing weird there) over a Disney pin that some cold, heartless person put together: the saddest Disney moments ever.  Simba finding his dead father, the old lady dropping Todd off in the woods, Littlefoot's Mom dying...it was all there.  And I couldn't handle it.
10. I am now having actual dreams of going into a gas station and finding oreo cakesters.

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  1. I could not handle that Disney pin either!
    And the cat looks hilarious!

  2. I haven't watched Silver Linings Playbook yet--all the Oscars hype made me leery that it wouldn't be that good.

  3. Dammit dammit dammit!! I have yet to see Sliver Linings Playbook, but LOVED the book. I grew up in the next town over to where the book takes place, I spent many a nights at the Crystal Lake Diner (its a real place!!!) and my sister lives on the street where he lived with his parents. I get so nostalgic reading it cause I drive by all those places at least once a week. I was so nervous to see the movie. Arg.

  4. 1. I heard about that & the fact he freaked out like a little sissy.
    2. Oh my gawd this is SO awesome.
    6. Haha
    7. I saw the outcome, way to go girls!
    8. Kinda glad to hear this cause I've heard SO many good things about it & yet I have little to no interest to watch it.
    9. Oh hell no, talk about a cry-fest.

  5. The book was awesome. Movie...not as much.


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