Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - I Got Nothing for This One

 1. Two days til Mr. Tyler Drew!

2. No exaggeration.

 3. Please, Lord, give me this kind of courage if I ever need it.
And the police lady said "unfortunately" she killed the suspect?  Screw that noise!

 4. Friday Night I accompanied Chris to a pro wrestling house show.  Yeah, I know.  I WILL be blogging about that later.  He says "it's not fake, it's staged".

5. I've gotten two scam texts in the past week from a "bank" telling me to call and give my info because my "account" has been frozen.  This makes me want to gut someone like a fish.

6. Yes, Mr. Williams.  You did.

 7. DWTS: THIS is why Zendaya shouldn't even be on the show.  She had to dance hip hop this week...and she's a hip hop dancer.  I'll be livid if anyone but Kelli wins.
And I dreamed last night that I was waltzing with Derek Hough.  Le sigh...
 8. Don't bring your chihuahua around me.

9. Been in the house almost four months now.  Still not a thing on the walls.

 10. Hahaha.  Oh, Chef Ramsey...

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  1. I feel the same way about looking out my window at night! So scary!

  2. 2. Yes. I feel the exact same way. Never ever look outside into the pitch black.
    3. Ballsy. Hopefully I'd be as brave too. And it's never unfortunate to protect yourself from intruders.
    4. Haha, so there's a difference?
    5. I hate that shit; it's such a nuisance.
    6. Yes, yes he did wear it best. Also, it makes me extremely happy to see her looking so ugly & bloated.
    8. And here I was thinking I was the only one. They do look a little demonic.
    9. This makes me feel a little better considering we've only been in the new apartment for a month & I was freaking out over not having decorations up.
    10. lol...what a goof.


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