Friday, June 21, 2013

Going Fisticuffs - People I Want to Punch in the Face

This has been a really craptastic week.  [My spell check refuses to believe that's a real word.]  I'm not usually a violent person, [Ok.  That's a lie.  Die Hard is one of my favorite movies.] but I just feel like taking my fists to someone's face.  
Any takers?...didn't think so.
Since no one will be kind enough to let me unleash my fury on their face and it has been such a bad week please humor me and take this little trip with me to Alyssa Land.
People I want to punch in the face - justin bieber
1. Justin Bieber:
I mean, obviously.  Is he wearing make-up in this picture?  Stop taking yourself so seriously.  You deserve no respect.  Zero.  He's too pretty.  I can fix that.

People I want to Punch in the Face - Taylor Swift
2. Taylor Swift:
Just go ahead and call me a hater.  Maybe after I rearrange her face she'll write a song about it.

 3. Marie Antoinette:
What an elitist little snob she was.  At least she got what was coming to her.

lil' wayne
 4. Lil' Wayne:
To quote Pitch Perfect: "You're probably the grossest human being I've ever met."  [I haven't actually met him, but remember this is Alyssa Land.]  And the whole "look how controversial I am I'm going to step all over the American flag" thing didn't win you any points with me.  And also you look like a weasel.

 5. The people at Oreo:
For, you know, getting rid of cakesters.

Madonna looking old
 6. Madonna:
You already look like you've taken a few hits to the face.  You're old as Methuselah.  Give it up, baby.
Alright enough of that. 
It's Friday so I should at least be a little positive. 
-I finally put the first thing on the wall Wednesday night.  And when I say "I" I mean "Dad".  A put a cross in the living room and a wedding photo in the bedroom.  Baby steps, people.
-Saturday will be full of birthday parties!  Which I love.
-We are less than two weeks away from vacation.  Which means I have less than two weeks to find a cute one-piece swimsuit.
-I'd really like to see World War Z this weekend.
-I may or may not have won a custom blog design in a giveaway and I may or may not have a new awesome design here in the next couple of weeks.
-This week majorly sucked but Lauren reminded me that better things are comingIn case you haven't figured it out yet, we spend a lot of time in each others company.
It begs the question...who would YOU like to punch in the face?? 
I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend!

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  1. This is my favorite post you have ever done! Except for the lil' wayne reference because girl you KNOW he's my future huz... in Lauren Land of course!
    Glad my post helped remind you of better days that don't involve Marie Antoinette!

  2. I am snorting with laughter. Def. one of my faves. I kind of like Angry Alyssa.

    Unleash. The. Fury.

  3. Funny! Although I love Madonna, but younger Madonna. I do think she needs to stop trying to be young still. It is so reminiscent of when I was a kid and thought GROSS to Cher. LOL

  4. Sorry you had a bad week! Thanks for linking up for Friday Funnies!



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