Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Idiot Proof "Recipe"

Guess what day it is!!

[Now that I got that out of my system.]

Chris and I are on a health kick! 
(Words I never thought would leave my mouth.)

I did some light grocery shopping last night and got some healthy snacks, lunches, and cereal.  It's not much but it's a start.

For breakfast this morning instead of my usual bagel and cream cheese I opted for a little something I found on Pinterest that I'm about to give you the recipe for.

Here goes.  Take notes if you wish:

 Peanut Butter Banana Wrap:
 A banana
Some peanut butter
A whole wheat tortilla

Lay tortilla flat.
Spread peanut butter on tortilla.
Place banana on tortilla.
Wrap that sucker up.

I know it's hard to follow.  You might need to print it out so you can re-read it as needed.

Clean Eating Recipes
It's a freaking banana wrapped in a tortilla!  Easy and GENIUS!


PS.  This is Day 3 of no coffee/cokes.  Surprisingly no headache!  But I am sooo missing my hazelnut coffee this morning.

PPS.  If anyone has any awesome healthy and super easy dinner recipes, send those bad boys my way.  Lord knows I'm tired of baked chicken.

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