Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Guess what tomorrow is....

1. Yea, that rainy, nasty Sunday morning I was telling you about?...turned into a gorgeous, sunny day. Dang weather men making me look like a fool.

2. I sincerely hope everyone that was wailing and whining about the winter being too cold is punching themselves in the face right now.

3. Guess who just won a $100 giftcard to Sephora.  THIS GIRL!  Thank you, Neely!  What a great start to a Tuesday! 

4. I wanted to skin one or both of my cats no fewer than three times in the middle of the night last night.

5. I had eggs benedict for the first time at The Cheesecake Factory Sunday.  Actually pretty good.  Mom, Kaylen and I ste on the patio and I felt real fancy.

6. Fell in love with this picture!  I wish I was half as cool as Vincent Price.

7. I am definitely gaining weight.  NOT getting fat.  Just gaining weight.  It's this dang sugar kick I'm on!  Right now York Peppermint patties are my drug food of choice.  And I am definitely not eating one right now...

8. While we're on the subject of having more than 5% body fat, after two really abysmal shopping trips I'm thinking of opening a store.  It's for women who are somewhere in between Torrid and EVERY FREAKING WHERE ELSE.  I'm going to call it Average.  No one under a large C cup will be invited to shop there. 

9. Whose Line Is It Anyway is coming back and I'm STOKED!

10. My new favorite commercial:
I'm going to walk through the office tomorrow going Hump DAAY!

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  1. That's awesome about the gift card! Have fun spending the money! I hope you can find some great things!


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