Sunday, June 9, 2013

Why My Weekend was Awesome

Why my weekend was awesome
In case you didn't see the title.
-My sister and I with much help from the fabulous Lauren, threw my mom a pretty sweet surprise 50th birthday party...complete with center pieces I might add.  We knew we wanted to make a big deal for her milestone birthday and we worked really hard on it.  It's been killing me not being able to post pictures of everything we've been putting together!  [MANY pictures later.]

-We went a tad overboard on food for the party and now have chicken salad out the ying yang.  #FTW.

- Saturday night my cousin, a Marine, came back to the states after a two year assignment in Japan and we were all there at the airport to welcome him home.  The anticipation of waiting see him coming down the escalator to the baggage claim brought back so many memories. 

- Sunday morning we slept in (we got home from the airport after midnight) and then went with Mom, Dad, Kaylen, Nana and Don Don to Firehouse Subs.  It's Chris' new favorite place and they just opened a store one city over much to his delight.  After lunch Nana and Don Don went home and the rest of us went to the zoo.  I stopped at Target to buy some more comfortable, longer shorts (I've "grown out of" all my others) and loaded up on sun screen (a must) getting ready to spend a few hours outside.  After about an hour and somewhere in the primate section we started hearing thunder.  We looked at the radar and decided to call it and ran to the car just in time for the bottom to fall out. 
Why my Weekend was Awesome

-I had a bowl of leftover fruit from the party for dinner...and realized I actually like pineapple.  Very exciting.

So it's been a pretty cool weekend.  And after a pretty crappy week, it was just what I needed.  So how was your weekend awesome??

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