Thursday, July 25, 2013


royal baby

 Reading: The Twilight Saga.  For the 4th time.  I'm completely ok with you judging me for this.  I don't know what made me want to reread it.  It also makes me so angry that they ruined these amazing books with below sub par movies.  RPatz in my opinion, totally looks the part.  He just didn't get the attitude right.  Edward in the books is charming.  Bella actually does have a personality.  Kristen Stewart just ruined her.  But whatever, I'll always enjoy the books.  Up next on my reading list is Night Circus, The Devil Wears Prada, and Priceless (that came in my wonderful swap box).

Watching: Master Chef right now is my favorite show on TV.  Chris loves America's Got Talent but I'm  I LOVE watching people who know what they're doing cook.  And of course I love Gordon Ramsey.  It's amazing to me how they can look at a basket of five or six ingredients and pull out an amazing dish that I NEVER would have thought of.  But then again there's not much in my cooking repertoire.  We won't get into that.

Drinking: Pepsi in old time glass bottles.  Yep.  Chris grabs a pack for me every time he goes to the gas station.  It tastes better in a glass.

Thinking About: The royal baby.  (I guessed the name!)   I just think there's something so cool about an entire country all holding their breath and getting so excited over a little baby.  It's weird to think that that little human will one day rule a country.  Makes you wonder what he's going to grow up to be like (besides incredibly good looking, that's a no-brainer).  I mean that baby is a prince for crying out loud!  But that whole story fascinates me.  A real life fairy tale.      

Praying for: everyone in my family who's traveling to Florida today for a dear uncle's memorial service.  Chris and I couldn't go but my parents, sister and grandparents are all going plus a handful of other family members.  It makes me nervous all of them together traveling for so long.  If you could remember them this weekend that would make me really happy. 

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  1. I actually never saw Breaking Dawn Part II because I was so disgusted with Part I. Totally ruined it for me.

    Lol, what is it with you and treats you can only get at gas stations?

    So very sorry to hear about the passing of your uncle. Thinking of you and your family.

  2. haha,
    i'm not hooked by the twilight saga, but i do read the book. i don't know, for me the movie is better than the book. eek.

    i must admit, it makes me feel something to see royal couple holding royal baby. i'll stop now. i can't show people i actually can feel.

  3. I'm so fascinated by the whole royal family too! My husband actually stayed up last night reading about the royal family and how it all works haha. So interesting to think about that little baby being in the center of an entire country's thoughts. Very different from America, but I really like it!


  4. I'm sorry to hear about your Uncles passing. Always tough. However, on a lighter note. Everyone is currently obsessed with the royal baby. How can we all not be thought right?! I do love the name they picked out. Can't wait to watch him grow up the way the world watched William and Harry!

    xo. Kailagh

  5. love that picture of the royal family with their new little boy, it is so precious! Hope you have a great weekend!



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