Friday, July 5, 2013

Decoding My Cat Dream

I hope everyone had a good 4th of July!  Our  trip hasn't exactly gone as planned.  We imagined fun in the sun.  We've got mostly rain in the room.  The whole group got BBQ and Mom made baked beans and potato salad all in the condo.  Last night Chris and I had had enough of being cooped up so we celebrated the 4th with a zombie movie.  But whatever.  STILL better than a regular work week.  And all God's people said?  Amen.  This morning the sun is shining for the first time in 48 hours so this girl is headed to the beach!


I think I've said before how much of a believer I am in naps.  Love 'em.  When I was in school I would religiously take one every single day when I got home.  I slept so much my Nana was convinced I had an iron deficiency.  Nowadays it's just a weekend thing.  But I enjoy them none the less. 

One thing I've noticed about daytime naps as opposed to sleeping through the night, is that my dreams are much more random and crazier!

During my nappy time Saturday I dreamed that we put the kitties in Christmas sweaters and showed them off.  My dad LOVED it.  He thought the sweaters were the greatest thing he'd ever seen.  I was so proud of Gus in his cable knit.
What's wrong with me?

I went to the interwebz to decipher this dream.  No search turned up anything for "cats in Christmas sweaters".  Shocking.
So I searched "sweater" on and it said "To see or wear a sweater in your dream symbolizes warmth and love. You have a strong connection to your family and home life. Alternatively, a sweater represents innocence, immaturity, and/or naive thinking".

Chris has a simpler theory: You're a cat lady.  What else would you dream about?

I have a few theories of my own:

1. I have no kids.  Obviously.  The cats are the closest thing we have.  Dad made an appearance and gave his approval of the cats' awesome sweaters because, well, they're the only grandchildren he has.  This is my 25 year old subconscious reminding me that I don't have actual human babies.

2. Dream Moods also said that cats represent deceitfulness.  Maybe there's no symbolism there at all.  Maybe the kids cats actually resent us for babying them and not allowing them to be the fierce felines they are and are plotting our demise in our own house.  They're biding their time and playing along until they sprout opposable thumbs and then all hell breaks loose and the dream is my mind warning me of the destruction that is to come.

3. In my blogger stats my most viewed post EVER is this post (I kid you not) where I mentioned a sweater with a cat on it.  The search term people find my blog with most is "cat sweater".  The dream is simply my inner blogger telling me to play to my strengths.  More cats in sweaters!

4. I just really like cats in sweaters.

Christmas Cat
Not quite a sweater but it will do...

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  1. Stopping by from the blog hop! Excited to follow your blog via GFC! I'd love it if you checked out mine as well!


  2. hha, i kinda miss rain here. i live in Bali for now, so everyday is summer day here.
    i'm not a cat or pet person, but that photo cracks me up.

  3. haha this is hilarious... I'm with you though - I love naps but have crazier dreams when I sleep in the middle of the day. weird!


  4. stopping by from the blog hop! Excited to follow your blog via GFC! I'd love it if you checked out mine as well!

    dream moods


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