Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Clouds

When I was 13 my parents added onto our home and I got my own room for the first time since Kaylen arrived.  I knew from the get go what I wanted for my little haven.  Autumn blue with clouds.  I would have been perfectly happy with fluffy little clouds you make with cotton balls.  What I got was SO much better.  Our pastor's wife at the time was an artist and hand painted the most beautiful clouds onto my walls.  I described to her what I wanted and left her to work while I went to a friend's house.  When I came back and saw it for the first time I couldn't believe that this actually got to be my room!  My furniture and bed spread were plain white.  It was perfect.  Like walking into a dream.  That Christmas we had our home in our church's Parade of Homes and my youth minister said it looked like the rapture had occurred.
This is the how it was for 12 years.  I'm getting all nostalgic because since Chris and I moved into our home and OUT of my room my mother is turning it into a scrapbook room and Dad painted my beautiful walls yellow this week.  A pleasant, custard yellow...but I hate it just on principle.
My room became my sanctuary when I was a teenager.  Loved being in it.  When I got in trouble I didn't get grounded to my room, I got grounded out of it!  I really hate to see my clouds go.
Our preacher's wife's signature behind my bedroom door with the year.

Outtake.  Haha.

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  1. Love the cloud idea! Will have to remember that for when my daughter is older :)

  2. The clouds were so pretty! So serene. Too bad your dad painted over it. :(


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