Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Post Vacay Blues

1. Nothing like a vacation to remind you how much you wish you didn't have to work.

2. I know there's this whole divide in blogland about giveaways. Are they good...are they bad. I'm here to say I really don't care because I'm a huge fan of free stuff.

3. I noticed girls in Panama City took the heat as an excuse to dress like streetwalkers.

4. This had me dying.  Can't even pick a favorite.  The 31 Greatest Roller Coaster Poses.

5. I tore into my swap box yesterday and good GRIEF I cannot wait to share with you what I got.  I keep getting paired up with awesome partners.

6. So there's a tropical storm by the name of Chantal moving into the Gulf.  Chantal's not so bad but they've had some really goofy names. Hurricane Fabian?  Seriously?  I googled to see if there's even been a Hurricane Alyssa.  There hasn't and that disappoints me.

7. I just realized Willow Smith looks too much like her dad to be cute.

8. George Clooney and Stacey Keibler broke up!  Nooo!!  I wanted them to get married!!  I haven't been this upset over a celeb breakup since Reese and Ryan.

9. I know my bff Kate the Duchess is close to popping and I keep waiting for the big announcement to pop up on my AOL news!

10. Speaking of popping out babies...You would think that of all the things in the world for women not to judge other women for, birthing would definitely be one of them.  But of course not.

[BONUS!]  And in case you need to feel better about yourself today, here's a picture of Amanda Bynes.

Is it too early to start counting down to Christmas time-off?

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  1. George Clooney broke up with his girlfriend? I did not know yet but I can't say I am surprised.

  2. That roller coaster picture is hysterical! I think it's okay to start counting down to Christmas vacation- the first half of the year went by so quickly that it will be here before we know it!


  3. Coming back from vacation is so hard!! I would totally be okay with unending vacations.

  4. Oh gosh, as a woman that's 1000 months pregnant with #2: I must agree, I can't believe how many women judge other women about their births of all things. You just successfully made me laugh at least five times successively. Congrats!

  5. Haha this post made me laugh...although I'm so heartbroken over poor Amanda Bynes gone crazy :(

    Ellie (new follower via Bloglovin' linkup)

  6. Hey cutie! Thanks for linking up with us at the collective blog hop. Following you on everything :) I am still laughing at the roller coaster pose...omg I need to do that :)



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