Friday, August 30, 2013

Award Show Withdrawals

I don't know about you but I'm really missing award shows right about now (and the VMA's don't count).  I miss the ball gowns, the cheesy jokes, the gushing acceptance speeches and the upsets.
Luckily it won't be long until I get my fix.  The Emmy Awards are September 22nd.  I'm really excited about them this year since Chris and I have gotten so into TV shows.

Here are my predictions for this year:

Outstanding Drama Series: Breaking Bad.  I just don't see how it couldn't be.
Emmy Predictions

Outstanding Comedy Series: Girls.  I'll be honest.  I've never watched an episode and don't really care to.  There's just so much hype over this show and it seems like everyone and their mother is in love with Lena Dunham.
Emmy Predictions

Best Miss Universe Pageant Contestant: Sofia Vergara.  I love ya, but girlfriend, pick a dress this year that doesn't scream Miss Brazil.

Best Cleavage: Kat Dennings.  Kristina Hendricks was a close second.

Best Manicure for the Occasion: Zooey Deschanel.  I mean, how adorable.
Zooey Deschanel manicure emmy predictions

Ok this is getting ridiculous.  But I realized after looking through the real categories and the nominees that I was just going to select Breaking Bad for each one.

The weekend is upon us and this weekend is particularly exciting.  College freakin football is finally here!  Let the facebook smack talk begin!  This is the stuff that tears families apart.  Turns father against son.  Brother against brother.  Or in some cases husband against wife...
alabama florida house divided wreath


Have a great weekend and ROLL TIDE!

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - VMA's, Lazy Decorating, and the Zombie Apocalypse

1. VMA's: Miley Cyrus needs to go away and keep her tongue in her mouth.  What's wrong with her???  Justin Timberlake performed for three freaking days and Nsync gets half a song???  Are you kidding me?!  And GOD FORBID the camera go a whole 2 minutes without cutting to TSwift dancing like an idiot.  Half the time I wasn't even sure what I was watching.  I'm too old for this crap.

2. This is my kind of decorating.  Throw up one big block of chevron and call it a day.

3. I've decided I need some casual black pants.  So sick of jeans and going pantsless is generally frowned upon.

4. I've gone on a CD kick and bought the Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack.  It's got a pretty good mix.  The very first song by The Joy Formidable is my favorite.

5. Three weeks with a smart phone and I haven't finished a single book in that time.  Bad Alyssa.

6. Went on a cleaning spree this weekend.  This included organizing DVDs, vacuuming, organizing Chris' drawers, laundry and cleaning the bathroom (my least favorite thing to do).  Chris did the dishes.  Shout out to the husband.

7. How can people not like watching Cops??  Haha:

8. I did something dumb and seriously spray painted something in a non-ventilated space.  Mistake.

9. Still loving the new job.

10. What do your clothes say about you?  We'll discuss this later...

Link up and embrace the randomness on this fine Tuesday.
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy and Here's Why

Hey friends.
This has been a really great week.  Here's why:

-I started my new job Monday and I'm loving it.  Absolutely loving it.  Everyone is nice to me and I think I fit right in.  The day goes by fast and I leave on cloud 9 when I go home. 
Bonus: There are two little dogs that come to work with their owners.  At any given time during the day a little chihuahua named Pedro could walk into the office.

-I bought the Imagine Dragons album.  OhMyGaaah.  If you like Radioactive and It's Time you'll LOVE the rest of it.  It makes me so happy.  Perfect for me this week!

-I bought a new shirt.  I mean, no explanation needed.

-I had lunch with Pam and Lauren yesterday.  We caught each other up over Sneaky Pete's.  I miss them so much!  I got kind of sad the other day at my new desk when I thought "wow this feels sort of natural like I'm just supposed to be here".  The last time I thought that was when I was moved into Pam and Lauren's office.

-One week til college football.  And all God's people said?  Amen.

Here's some general happiness to start your weekend:

Have a happy HAPPY weekend!

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - First Day, Mean Muggin' and a Shout Out

1. First of all, please take note of the new Ten on Tuesday button!

2. My first day at my new job went well!  I went prepared with flowers for my desk and a candy jar full of chocolate to get in good with the men.

3. I'm a BAD mean mugger when I drive.

4. So Kimye made their first appearance with little North (so ridiculous) since the glorious birth...with a nanny in tow to cart the thing around.  Kim and Kanye both had free hands but NOPE!  Still not carrying their own kid.  Too famous for that.

5. And even my "wavy" looks a little homeless.

6. I was having a weird popping sensation in my upper stomach last week so I made the grave mistake of searching my symptom on WebMD.  It went straight to aortic aneurysm.  In other words went straight to seek help immediately or die in 20 minutes.

7. Kaylen and I went into Michaels Sunday after church and they had their Halloween stuff out!  So exciting and SUCH cute stuff.  It took all my will power to leave with only the cute little perfume bottle.

8. This is my theory exactly:

9. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I talked about fairies?  I've decided what would be even better than lightning bug fairies flitting around the woods at night would be fairies that stole into my kitchen while I'm asleep and did the freaking dishes.

10.  Nothing here but a special shout to Lauren.  I missed you today.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Links

Hey, friends.
I hope everyone had a good weekend.  Saturday consisted of vacuuming and watching Campus P.D.  I swear I'd murder Kaylen if she ever acted a fool like some of these college brats.
Sunday was an awesome church service, then lunch and running around with Kaylen and the parents and then bumming it with the kitties.  Chris was with his boyfriend bromance friend watching football.  I kid of course.  I approve of his boyfriend.  That's one good thing about him having been deployed twice.  He's gone for a day and I'm like eh, whatever, I get control of the TV.
Anywho today is the first day at the new job!  Prayers, thoughts, good vibrations would be much appreciated!
Here are some links to get the week rolling:

These ring dishes are so cute! 

The Pinterest Problem.  Short, sweet and spot on. 

Custom cat necklaces!  Gus would look so cute as a charm.

How to thank a service member.

I know it's a hot button issue and it's more political than I usually get here, but I thought this article was spot on. 

I feel like I need this blazer in my closet.

Firefighter brings kitten back to life.  This video made me cry!

Everything you could ever want to know about our flag and how to properly display it.

College football is almost upon us.  Here's a ladies guide to Gameday Attire.

A movie (starring Joaquin Pheonix) is coming out about a man who falls in love with his computer.  You're going to want to watch this trailer.

Daryl Dixon is a cat-man.

I want this print in my house!

Speaking of house, there's this house right here in Birmingham that I'm thinking about buying.

Have a great week!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Last Day

Today is my last day at work because Monday I start a new job and I'm really excited to have this opportunity.  At the same time I could sit and cry (and I have) knowing that I won't be sharing an office with two great friends.  Yesterday some of my coworkers (mostly my direct team and a couple we just claim anyway) took me to McAllisters and humored me with pictures.  God love 'em.

new job, parting gifts
Yesterday morning I had a sweet card from Pam waiting for me at my desk, with a sparkly cat on it, of course.  Lauren gave me a picture for my new desk, a snow globe from her recent trip to Vegas, and a card with a small novel written inside.  I've read said novel twice already and cried both times.
Pam, coworkers, new job
new job, Michelle, coworkers
Lauren, coworkers, new job
coworkers, new job
I can't tell you how much I'm going to miss this group of women.
For the past two weeks, knowing that this day was coming, while sitting in the office having a deep conversation or laughing to the point of tears with Pam and Lauren I think...what am I doing?  WHY am I leaving?  I might never have this connection with coworkers anywhere else.  We can be completely honest with each and be our weird, sarcastic, somewhat chaotic selves without fear of judgement.  They're not just "coworkers".  They're friends.
[Speaking of Friends, we finished the entire series Wednesday night and I was boohooing through the episode where Rachel is saying her goodbyes.  Perfect timing.]
It's going to be odd not seeing them everyday and having someone to laugh with, cry with, vent to, talk off a proverbial ledge...
I'm going to miss them SO much and I'm so incredibly thankful for their friendship.

I really believe this will be a good thing.  I'm getting out of my comfort zone and taking a leap of faith.  [Or spreading my wings as my mom put it.  She's a bit dramatic.]

Wish me luck!

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Boys Behind the Blog Part 3

Say hello to Chris again!  [Hi, Chris.]

1. What would you do with $1,000,000?  BUY EVERYTHING.
2. What is your dream job?  I don't really have just one.  I'd love to be a stand up comedian.  I'd love to be an ESPN analyst.  I'd love to be a professional wrestler.  In that order.
3. Who is your celebrity crush?  I guess Timmy.  [He of course means Tim Tebow.  Not sure why I even asked.]
4. What is your favorite sports team?  Florida Gators.  [He actually pointed to the Gator shirt he was wearing and I had to explain that you couldn't see him do that.  Gees.]
5. What was your AOL/AIM screen name back in the day?  Ima49ers788, 2much101, crazyleggs.  [Too much indeed.]

Link up with Stephanie and Mal to get to know the boys!
And tune in next month when he answers another round of questions...whether he likes it or not...

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - BB, Haircuts and the 21st Century

1. Yall, I have stepped into the 21st century and bought my very first smartphone Friday night.

2. With the new phone came instagram! And I'm having WAY too much fun with it.  So, ya know, follow me and junk.

3. This is why I don't do scary movies anymore.

4. I. Hate. Nighttime. Storms.  Have I said that before?

5. Is it really cliche to want a Rachel Green hair cut?  Because I do.  This is going to happen.

6. Did anyone happen to see Stephen Colbert dancing to Get Lucky with Hugh Laurie, Jimmy Fallon, Nick Cannon, Jeff Bridges, Bryan Cranston, and The Rockettes.  No?  You should really do that.

7. Breaking Bad anyone? When Hank closed the garage door Chris lost his mind.  He knew what was next...

8. I'm seriously thinking about getting rid of Passionfruit.  I'm not going to pay nine bucks a month for that junk.

9. Went to 2nd and Charles yesterday!  Nothing beats cheap books.
How you like that instagram?
10.This is my last week at my job.  I start a new one Monday.  There will be so many tears come Friday we'll need a dingy to get out of the office.

Link up why don't you?

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Monday, August 12, 2013

My Favorite Day Part 3

 photo myfavoriteday_zpsad912ddf.jpg

Like I said, our ceremony was very traditional and serious.  I wanted the reception to be party!  My whole family is southern baptist.  And southern baptists Do. Not. Dance.  So that ruled out having it at the church.  It took place at a local community center.  My parents and some awesome family friends transformed this boring building into the perfect, most romantic reception hall.

-Funniest moment was when the wedding cake got so warm in the window, the top two layers started sliding.  The caterer (and our close family friend since before I was born, Aunt Sandra) ran to the cake as we got done cutting and screamed "Oh heavens to betsy this cake is SLIDING!".  It's on the wedding video and I could hit rewind and watch it a hundred times and not stop laughing.

-We had out first dance to Heaven by Bryan Adams.

-Dad and I danced to Sweet Home Alabama and the guests joined in with the "Roll Tide Roll's.  Both of us combined have four left feet and no rhythm so it was interesting.  I knew I'd never make it through some sappy father/daughter song without losing it.  It was one of my absolutely favorite moments. 

-I love looking at the fifth photo.  It looks like everyone was having fun!  And there are quite a few southern baptists on that dance floor.

-The ONLY thing Chris and I ate was the piece of cake we fed each other.

-It's hard to see, but in front of the cake is a crystal cinderella coach.  There were quite a few disney/fairytale references throughout the wedding.

-I'm so so SO glad we opted for flower petals for guests to throw.  It made for some pretty pictures!

-The second to last photo breaks my heart.  Kaylen is holding onto Mom and sobbing because after the honeymoon we weren't coming back home.  We were headed to straight to Camp Lejeune.

 [Photos except for 1st, 2nd, and 10th by James Roy (no longer in business)]

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my favorite day!  It's hard to believe it was over six years ago.
If any of you ladies have your big day recapped on your blog let me know!  I'd love to see it!

Part One and Two.

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