Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fall TV Lineup

Summer kind of sucks.  It's rains constantly.  The humidity turns my hair into a giant frizz ball.  I have a low tolerance for heat...and I live in Alabama.  Not even to mention all of my favorite shows aren't on TV.  Mercifully fall (and all the season premiers that come with it) is just around the corner!
Here's my list of shows I'm most excited about this TV season:

1. The Walking Dead.  I still have to watch season three!  We're going to go ahead and record season 4 as it comes on TV and just binge on 3 so we won't miss anything.  This is probably the show that I'm most excited to watch again.  I can't believe Chris had to talk me into starting this.  Little Sophia walking out of the barn was the most OMG moment of the entire series thus far for me.

2. Sons of Anarchy.  This came in a super close second.  Good looking, tattooed bikers in leather.  Let me just stop there.

3. Breaking Bad.  Chris and I high fived each other in Sumo Friday night when we found out the first part of season 5 was on Netflix.  It's really no wonder people say this is the greatest show on TV.  Great writing, acting and character development.  I'm becoming a big Jesse fan.

4. Dancing with the Stars.  It's so exciting to find out who the new batch of celebs will be!  I'm hoping this season they don't pull something stupid and have a celebrity that's already a dancer.  I mean duh.  I don't care what Len Goodman says, Kellie, Derek and Tristan's paso doble was my favorite dance of the season.  But maybe I'm biased because it has my little shamrock in it.

5. Nashville.  It left us on such a cliffhanger.  Chris doesn't agree but I kind of wonder if Deacon is dead.  I think I've said it before but I'll say it again: this is a soap opera with country music.  And I still can't stand Hayden Whatsherface.

Honorable mentions: American Horror Story: Coven and Modern Family

There you go.  We're going to be busy people here soon.
Did I forget anything?  What shows are you excited to see on TV?

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  1. Having watched Nashville, I just want to punch Hayden I-can't-spell-her-last-name in the face (rather her character).

  2. I can't wait for the new Breaking Bad episode this weekend. It is one of the best shows I have ever seen. When it is over then I need to start watching it again.

  3. Ooofph I'm so behind on all my shows! Haha. I love Walking Dead!
    Kallie, But First, Coffee

  4. The Walking Dead is the top on my list. I'm obsessed with Suits on USA, but that's in the middle of its season right now. I love that USA airs its shows when the big networks are on hiatus. Suits is GREAT if you don't already watch it (and lots of man candy!) And Mad Men, but who knows when the new season will start.

    I really want to get into SOA. My parents LOVE it. I just can't handle all the violence. I saw a few minutes of an episode where Peg Bundy (yes, I'm calling her by her Married With Children character) was getting the shit beat out of her, and I couldn't handle it. Plus, they killed off the guy that was in Remember The Titans! (Ryan Hurst... no idea his SOA character name)

  5. so so pumped for fall tv to start! i feel like i need to catch up on some of these shows before they start!!

  6. I'm excited for New Girl, White Collar, and Castle this fall! ...and for the weather to be cooler with less humidity! I'm not a fan of heat and humidity either :)


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