Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy and Here's Why

Hey friends.
This has been a really great week.  Here's why:

-I started my new job Monday and I'm loving it.  Absolutely loving it.  Everyone is nice to me and I think I fit right in.  The day goes by fast and I leave on cloud 9 when I go home. 
Bonus: There are two little dogs that come to work with their owners.  At any given time during the day a little chihuahua named Pedro could walk into the office.

-I bought the Imagine Dragons album.  OhMyGaaah.  If you like Radioactive and It's Time you'll LOVE the rest of it.  It makes me so happy.  Perfect for me this week!

-I bought a new shirt.  I mean, no explanation needed.

-I had lunch with Pam and Lauren yesterday.  We caught each other up over Sneaky Pete's.  I miss them so much!  I got kind of sad the other day at my new desk when I thought "wow this feels sort of natural like I'm just supposed to be here".  The last time I thought that was when I was moved into Pam and Lauren's office.

-One week til college football.  And all God's people said?  Amen.

Here's some general happiness to start your weekend:

Have a happy HAPPY weekend!

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  1. Not many people are in love with their job. You're a lucky girl. I'm curious now... What do you do for a living?

  2. Congrats on the new gig! Sounds like you're enjoying it :)
    Found ya via the blog hop on dwelling tree! Happy weekend!


  3. I'm so glad you're loving the new place of work. I really hope you get to meet Sam. and take lots of pictures as you run away screaming.
    Let's set up another lunch date asap. I miss you!

  4. All those pictures make me so happy! And I'm thrilled that you love your new job!!!

    Happy weekend, love!

  5. I have been considering buying the imagine dragons album.
    I'm still debating.
    Do you think I should?

    What happy photos! Happy weekend indeed!

  6. I need that Imagine Dragons album, I love Radioactive!!


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