Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Links

Hey, friends.
I hope everyone had a good weekend.  Saturday consisted of vacuuming and watching Campus P.D.  I swear I'd murder Kaylen if she ever acted a fool like some of these college brats.
Sunday was an awesome church service, then lunch and running around with Kaylen and the parents and then bumming it with the kitties.  Chris was with his boyfriend bromance friend watching football.  I kid of course.  I approve of his boyfriend.  That's one good thing about him having been deployed twice.  He's gone for a day and I'm like eh, whatever, I get control of the TV.
Anywho today is the first day at the new job!  Prayers, thoughts, good vibrations would be much appreciated!
Here are some links to get the week rolling:

These ring dishes are so cute! 

The Pinterest Problem.  Short, sweet and spot on. 

Custom cat necklaces!  Gus would look so cute as a charm.

How to thank a service member.

I know it's a hot button issue and it's more political than I usually get here, but I thought this article was spot on. 

I feel like I need this blazer in my closet.

Firefighter brings kitten back to life.  This video made me cry!

Everything you could ever want to know about our flag and how to properly display it.

College football is almost upon us.  Here's a ladies guide to Gameday Attire.

A movie (starring Joaquin Pheonix) is coming out about a man who falls in love with his computer.  You're going to want to watch this trailer.

Daryl Dixon is a cat-man.

I want this print in my house!

Speaking of house, there's this house right here in Birmingham that I'm thinking about buying.

Have a great week!

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  1. Glad you had a nice relaxing weekend! Everyone needs one of those now and then! I'm senind you virtual hugs and positive vibes on your first day at the new job. You're probably kicking ass and taking names as we speak!

    That house is redunkulous... The funny thing, if that house were up here in my area Philadelphia/NYC, it would easily be over 20 million. Chump change! Ha!


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