Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - BB, Haircuts and the 21st Century

1. Yall, I have stepped into the 21st century and bought my very first smartphone Friday night.

2. With the new phone came instagram! And I'm having WAY too much fun with it.  So, ya know, follow me and junk.

3. This is why I don't do scary movies anymore.

4. I. Hate. Nighttime. Storms.  Have I said that before?

5. Is it really cliche to want a Rachel Green hair cut?  Because I do.  This is going to happen.

6. Did anyone happen to see Stephen Colbert dancing to Get Lucky with Hugh Laurie, Jimmy Fallon, Nick Cannon, Jeff Bridges, Bryan Cranston, and The Rockettes.  No?  You should really do that.

7. Breaking Bad anyone? When Hank closed the garage door Chris lost his mind.  He knew what was next...

8. I'm seriously thinking about getting rid of Passionfruit.  I'm not going to pay nine bucks a month for that junk.

9. Went to 2nd and Charles yesterday!  Nothing beats cheap books.
How you like that instagram?
10.This is my last week at my job.  I start a new one Monday.  There will be so many tears come Friday we'll need a dingy to get out of the office.

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  1. I am following you on Instagram now! I probably spend too much time with it but it's just so much fun!
    Stephen Colbert was hilarious!
    And I love the Rachel Green cut!
    Breaking Bad was so awesome. I can't wait to see more!

  2. I apparently can't even watch Pretty Little Liars alone. I watched a few episodes last night and spent the entire night waiting for A to come out of my closet.

  3. I will start following you on Instagram asap. Welcome.
    I was literally just thinking about Rachel's hair last night as I was watching friends. I badly want to lighten my hair. It has a similar cut right now.
    Good Luck at your new job.

  4. Congrats on your new phone!! OMG, thanks for telling me that PassionFruit is now charging. Good luck at your new job!

  5. Waaahhhhh, I want Instagram.

    I hit up the thrift stores for $1 or $2 books. Love it!

  6. I liked the idea of Passionfruit but $9 a month is a little high! Especially for the blogs that don't have that many sponsors.

    Reviews Until You Drop

  7. Yay on your first smart phone! I'm sure you'll enjoy it! I'm a big insta.gram person. I love it a lot. It's probably the main thing I stay on now next to Pinterest.

    I think that haircut would be super cute on you ! I can't wait to see a picture once you get it done.


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