Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - First Day, Mean Muggin' and a Shout Out

1. First of all, please take note of the new Ten on Tuesday button!

2. My first day at my new job went well!  I went prepared with flowers for my desk and a candy jar full of chocolate to get in good with the men.

3. I'm a BAD mean mugger when I drive.

4. So Kimye made their first appearance with little North (so ridiculous) since the glorious birth...with a nanny in tow to cart the thing around.  Kim and Kanye both had free hands but NOPE!  Still not carrying their own kid.  Too famous for that.

5. And even my "wavy" looks a little homeless.

6. I was having a weird popping sensation in my upper stomach last week so I made the grave mistake of searching my symptom on WebMD.  It went straight to aortic aneurysm.  In other words went straight to seek help immediately or die in 20 minutes.

7. Kaylen and I went into Michaels Sunday after church and they had their Halloween stuff out!  So exciting and SUCH cute stuff.  It took all my will power to leave with only the cute little perfume bottle.

8. This is my theory exactly:

9. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I talked about fairies?  I've decided what would be even better than lightning bug fairies flitting around the woods at night would be fairies that stole into my kitchen while I'm asleep and did the freaking dishes.

10.  Nothing here but a special shout to Lauren.  I missed you today.

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  1. Awww, I love your new button! That Kermit pic made my day. Happy 2nd day of work!

  2. Cute button! I love the aqua colors! And I laughed really loud when you said, can't hold their own baby, too famous for that! They are just absurd, and I wish millions wouldn't want to imitate them! Hope your new job is going well! Have a good week!

  3. 2. So glad to hear your day went well!

    3. me too!

    7. I always love their Halloween stuff, I need a major shopping spree just for that.

    8. Yep

  4. Glad your first day at work went so well!
    That new button looks great! And Kermit makes me laugh so much!

  5. I love the new button! and Kermit just made my day. I wish my face would transform into that look forrealz with all the silly drivers we have around these parts.

    Oh, and I miss you! lots and lots and lots. but I'm glad you love you're new job.
    But, can you come back now?

    Yesterday when I was going to clock out Aunt Sandra asked me if I was lonely in the office all day. :(

  6. Chocolate is a great way to break the ice! My hubs also stares down "idiots" as he passes them. Haha, I'm kind of embarrassed.

  7. I love Kermit! Web MD is evil, it convinces you that you're dying of a small twinge.

    I am so so so excited about fall decor, it's not even reasonable!!!!!!

  8. Congrats on a great first day at your new job. But friend, STAY AWAY from WebMD ..... that site will turn a sore toe into cancer!!!!! And that driving picture is sooooooo me too. LOL


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