Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - The Foreseeable Future

1. Guess who's hosting Ten on Tuesday for the foreseeable future.  This girl.

2. Chris was gone all day Sunday and I realized I still had the Oscars on my DVR.  Oh yes.  I watched the whole thing over again in all it's 3 hour glory.  I still love Seth McFarlane.

3. Well duh.

4. Chris and I took the day off to help Mom and Dad move Kaylen to her very first apartment at UA.  Always a fun time.  I lugged maybe 3 boxes up a flight a stairs and was panting like I'd just run a marathon.

5. I told yall I've become addicted to Polyvore.  Too much fun.  If you're on it feel free to follow me.  Now if these items would just find their way to closet...

6. Might have found our Halloween costumes:

7. I'm finding myself looking for long shirts just to be able to wear leggings.  I just hate wearing pants.

8. I made this for dinner last week!  So easy.  Stick chicken breasts and veggies in pan, sprinkle with Italian seasoning and pour a melted stick of butter over it.  Cover with foil and bake at 350 for an hour.  See?  Idiot proof.  That's kinda my thing.

9. Some exciting changes are taking place in Alyssa land!

10. And for no other reason than it exists, here's Hitler dancing.  Who knew even evil incarnate likes to boogie.  It's weird to watch.  He's supposed to be screaming at a podium about the final solution not...dancing.

I hope you'll link up with me while our dear Linny is on hiatus!
Embrace the randomness.
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  1. Happy Tuesday! OMG I love the Sheldon/Amy costume idea. Hehe. Thanks for hosting!!

  2. 3. That sounds about right.

    5. There sound be a secret portal that takes things from Polyvore directly to the closet.

    6. Ha!

    8. I may just be making this next week.

    10. Rare thing to see. But still interesting.

    PS--thanks for stopping by my blog. I went to publish your comment, but I accidently hit the delete button. :( I'm sorry.

  3. Those costumes kick ass!

    Congrats on the hosting gig.

    I heart Seth MacFarlane, too. I never understood why everyone was so bent out of shape with his jokes from the Oscars. He writes Family Guy, what the hell did they expect? I think he's a genius. And kind of dreamy looking!

  4. Thanks for hosting the link up!
    And I am totally in love with the costume idea! I love Sheldon and Amy!


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