Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Emmys - Good, Bad and Ugly

I told you I'd been having award show withdrawals. But no more!

Tina and Amy were funny, Don Draper needs to shave and Breaking Bad should've swept the thing.  Glad we covered that now on to the good stuff!  I've been drooling over some of these dresses since Sunday night.

The Good:
|Kristen Connolly - Maybe I'm crazy but I loved this.  Sleek, elegant and very modern. | Giuliana Rancic - Love the icy color (my fave), fabric and cut.  Super gorgeous all around and she usually doesn't do anything for me. | Laura Dern - LOVED the lace, the unexpected girly color and the "casual" cut! | Julie Bowen - Always one of my favorites but this might be my favorite thing she's ever worn EVEN over the hot lime number from last year.|
Honorable Mentions: Padma Lakshmi, Anna Gunn, Claire Danes.

The Bad:
|Connie Britton - It had potential but there's no saving that velvet.  Just ugly. | Julianna Hough - Thank you for reminding us you have a rockin' body.  Now put the rest of that dress on. | January Jones - She's usually one of my favorites.  This color nor cut did anything for her.  She's gorgeous but I was really disappointed with this. | Heidi Klum - I usually hate anything she wears and this was no exception.  It's an ugly dress anyway and then she just poured salt in the would with that awful thing on the neck.|
Dishonorable Mentions: Michelle Dockery, Maria Menounos, Lily Rabe, Carrie Underwood

The Ugly:
|Betsy Brandt - No. | Cat Deeley - Just no. | Aubrey Plaza - No no no. | Lena Dunham - To quote American Beauty "Are you trying to look unattractive?  Well, congratulations.  You've succeeded admirably".|
Dishonorable Mentions: Zosia Mamet, Amanda Peet, Vera Farmiga.

Favorite Deschanel Sister:
deschanel sisters 2013 emmys fashion
As much as I adore the powder blue color of Z's I'm just not 100% sold on this dress.  She looks amazing though.  However despite the questionable fabric, E's looks like something I would wear and I'm a sucker for one long sleeve.  So I have to give this one to Emily!  I wonder if the sisters coordinated colors or if it just happened that way...

Favorite Trend [Red]:
It made me so happy that this was the color of the night.  There's something so classy and SEXY about a red dress.  And I just love all three of these ladies.

So there you have it!  Agree?  Disagree?  Want to punch me in the face for hating on Lena Dunham?
Let me know!

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  1. I LOVE the Deschanel sisters...I wonder if they get ready for these types of things together? That would be so fun :) I totally missed the Emmy's so I needed a recap of the good/bad/ugly! Thanks! um, and Heidi Klum and Cat Deeley what where they thinking?!

  2. I love Emily's dress! Really keen on the whole one-sleeve/long-sleeve thing. Zooey's hair was awesome but her dress was just really strange.

  3. I am so shocked, but I think the best dressed of the night was Kelly Osbourne. I usually am not a fan of how she dresses, but this dress... wow. Red is my favorite color, and this dress was so elegant, with the right amount of cleavage, was age appropriate, and she rocked it.

    I liked Guiliana Rancic's dress, but she needs to eat a freaking sandwich. She looked so painfully thin, and the camera adds 10 pounds! She looks like a bobble head, so top heavy. I could break her in one punch.

    HATED Claire Danes (ugh, she looked like a little girl playing dress up), Heidi Klum, Juliana Hough (WTF?), and Lena Dunahm.

    While she always looks amazeballs,, I am so sick of Sophia Vergara wearing a tight, boobie baring, mermaid gown. Yes, wear what looks good, but it is seriously time to change it up. And WTF not ONE emmy nod for SOA?!?!?!?!

  4. I think you hit the nail on the head with all of these! I really like the Deschanel sisters' choices, and Julianne Hough usually looks so cute, so I was definitely disappointed with this one!


  5. Connie Britton's dress would have been stunning in silk or some other shimmery fabric. The velvet just looks too heavy with the detailing.


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