Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - BB, Feeling Fabulous and ACTUAL LEAVES

1. There are actual leaves in my yard.  LEAVES!  From TREES!

2. I'm so ashamed that I haven't finished a single book since I got my smartphone.

3. It's gotten pretty bad.

4. Congrats to Derek Hough on his Emmy!  The only choreographer NOT from So You Think You Can Dance and he wins!

5. Wore my new jeans yesterday and oh goodness I felt fabulous.

Chris lost his mind again (he does that a lot) when Jesse's girl met her end.  We're taking bets on how this whole thing ends.  Chris thinks Walt turns himself in and then kills himself publicly.  I also think he turns himself in but he just dies from the cancer his first night in a cell.  I can't IMAGINE how they're going to tie all these loose ends up in one more episode!

7. My dad's ringtone is Fall Out Boy's Light Em Up.  My dad > your dad.

8. This is a definite possibility for my pumpkin this year!

9. Finally put my hot pink bag into hibernation and brought out a fall purse!  It was time.

10. My Emmy fashion post tomorrow!

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  1. Leaves! Yay!! Those are seriously cute pumpkins!

  2. 1. Yay! I'm so jealous!

    5. Don't you love that feeling?

  3. Hooooray fall! It's been so lovely having the windows open as I sit on my ass all day long and watch Sons of Anarchy.

  4. I think that Walt kind of saves Jesse in the end but Jesse kills him.


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