Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - DWTS, Kate, and Vampire Cupcakes

ten on tuesday

1. Chris comes back today from an overnight business trip.  OMG I've missed him soOoO much I'm dying.  Just kidding.  After two deployments I'm like whatever.

2. DWTS: I haven't watched yet!  All I saw was the first dance with everyone and then Peta's dance with her partner.  But I'm really excited about this cast!

3. My girl Kate made her first formal appearance after little Georgie's arrival and she was dazzling (naturally):
ten on tuesday

4.  No matter how many times I see it, Pretty Woman never gets old to me.

5. I think I found a color scheme for a girl nursery if/when that ever happens.  How precious are they??:
ten on tuesday

OMG.  We were FREAKING OUT.  But I have to say I called it.  I just didn't see any way for Hank and Gomez to live through that.  The worst part was when the skinheads just dragged their bodies away and unceremoniously dumped them in a hole.  HARD episode. 

7. Saturday I'm going to T's 3rd birthday at a Pump It Up party place.  I was excited and then I found out there are obstacle courses and blow up slides for adults.  Now I'm STOKED.

8. Haha.  Nothing struck fear into my heart as a kid like being taken out of church for misbehaving:
ten on tuesday

9. Letters on this keyboard are going in and out.  A few weeks ago it was the "u".  This week it's the "I" and sometimes the space bar.  Driving me nuts.  If you see a word missing some letters forgive me.

10. Doing it:

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  1. 2. I haven't watched it yet either. I haven't decided if I want to or not.

    3. Naturally.

    4. Agreed.

    5. so precious.

    9. I've had that problem before. I finally had to purchase a new keyboard.

  2. You are right, Pretty Woman never gets old. Nor does Dirty Dancing!
    The Breaking Bad episode was sooo good! I expected Hank to die after he told Marie on the phone that he loves her. But I was still shocked!

  3. 2. A bunch of people on my FB said Snookie is a good dancer. I think she looks like a bobble-head now that she's lost all that dang weight.
    3. I have such a girl crush on her
    4. I watch it every time I see it on!
    5. Beautiful colors!
    7. Pump It Up ROCKS

  4. Can I please have Kate for a best friend?! I love her!! She's always so chic and poised.


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