Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Labor Day, Charlie, and Dubstep Cat

1. Hope everyone had a great Labor Day!  The whole family went out and had lunch, visited Vulcan and then drove to the airport to just watch the planes come in.  It was a beautiful, perfect day.

2. Sometimes it's so nice to just shop by yourself.

3. This is a bit ridiculous:
...do all that or just pop an excedrin.

4. Are there any Florida State fans reading this?  Perhaps you've heard of Jameis Winston.  They're calling him "history in the making".  He's from my town.  We drink the same water.  Just sayin'.

5. Seven days until Sons of Anarchy!  Jax is just as happy to see me as I am to see him.
Ok.  Maybe not.
6. Speaking of which, it's been confirmed that Charlie Hunnam landed the lead role in Fifty Shades of Grey.  I've never read the books and don't really plan on it (not my thing) but I've heard Christian Grey is supposed to be the epitome of hot.  Nailed it.

7. File this under Random and Creepy:

8. Something I learned from the VMA's:  Bruno Mars...is short.  Seriously.  Like 5'5.  This knocks him way way out of my top 10.  Sorry, Bruno.

9.  My sweet husband bought me The Great Gatsby.  I tried watching it...and almost fell asleep.  I feel so ashamed.

10. Oh this made me smile.
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  1. Cats always make me smile too! And I really need to check out Sons Of Anarchy!
    I am a bit busy right now but I will be back linking up soon! Love the link-up!

  2. Okay, Miss Funny Pants, I guess I need to crawl out from under this rock and watch Sons of Anarchy. Now that Charlie What's-His-Name has been selected to play Christian Grey (you know I read 50 Shades, more like addicted and memorized the whole damn series), I need to see this guy in action. I'm not fond of the facial hair and his hair is definitely too long for clean-cut Christian, but Hollywood can make anybody look perfect. Add some copper-tone highlights and he might be close. I'll be judge of that. (tee hee hee)

    Big hugs to you, I always looks forward to Tuesdays with YOU. :)

  3. I m excited for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. I am really happy for the casting.
    Fifty Shades of Grey

  4. I agree, agree, agree!!! Charlie is *perfect* for Christian. And Dakota looks the part because she's not too pretty. They will be magic together on screen (if she can act!). Let's go see it together--you, me and Peter (TG would rather die than watch this--we'll leave him to his Arrested Development and CNN). Also agree Pattinson's best work was Remember Me. Really liked him and the flick.
    Anastasia Steele

  5. You're so adroable. I really need to start Sons of Anarchy.

  6. I read the first Fifty Shades book, and it had to force myself to get through it. While I realize it's not Pulitzer Prize winning stuff, the writing was downright laughable. SO BAD.

    I didn't know who Charlie Hunnam was, but dude is HOT HOT HOT. The more I see pics of him and Gerry Bertier (lol, still dont know his real life name!) in their SOA gear, the more I become attracted to motorcycle guys. I'm REALLY considering watching SOA in Netflix.

    I'm glad with the casting, and happy they went with actors that aren't so well known to the teeny bopper population.

  7. So I had to Google to see who Charlie Hunnam looked like. Am I the only person who doesn't know who he is?

  8. You visited my old stomping grounds! I'm a UAB alum...Go Blazers!


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