Monday, September 23, 2013

Why My Weekend Was Awesome - 3 Year Old Style

I told you I've been having some good weekends and this one was no exception!

-Saturday was T-Man's 3rd birthday party!  His 1st and 2nd were pretty epic as far as kiddy parties go.  This year it was held at Pump It Up, a place full of HUGE inflatables.  It didn't take long before Kaylen and I kicked off our shoes and joined the little ones!
Pictures 5, 6 and 7 is probably my favorite series of photos ever.

I can't tell you the last time I exerted that much energy since I've made it pretty clear that I. Don't.  Exercise.  I couldn't keep up with them!  But also can't remember the last time I smiled that much!  I had so much shamelessly being a kid again.  And Tristan just looked over-the-moon happy.  That little boy (and baby Tyler!) owns us.
-My ever-giving mother bought me two pairs of jeans since I ripped my best pair Tuesday morning.  Don't ask.
-Yesterday was the laziest of days with the husband and kitties.  Pajamas were never taken off.
-The Emmys aired last night!  Woop woop!  I was really disappointed Breaking Bad didn't sweep.  But a post on the fashion choices later! 

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  1. We pretty much had the same weekend! I also exerted way too much energy playing with a three year old, only no inflatables, but there was an indoor jungle gym! I love the pictures of the wipeout!


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