Monday, September 16, 2013

Why My Weekend was Awesome

The first time I did this type of post, I figured it would be a one time or maybe once in a while thing when I had a really good weekend.  But I've had a few here lately.  I just can't help it.

why my weekend was awesome

-Friday night we went to our high school home game.  The game completely sucked.  The best part though was the halftime shows.  The opponent's theme was Elvis and it was nothing short of awesome.  The Golden Gopher band did music from Les Mis.  It was theatrical and over the top and I have to say...I didn't hate it.  But then again, I do have a flare for the dramatic.

-Saturday the Tide beat Texas A&M in a knock down, drag out, bite your nails, scream at the TV, HARD FOUGHT game.  Roll freakin' Tide.

Everyone in the living room during a LOT of that game.
-Mom, out of the goodness of her heart, bought us a Hoover vacuum.  Much appreciated because the rinky dink one we had could NOT even handle all the cat hair.

-Yesterday the husband and I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond for some stuff for the house.  I got a new bamboo cooking utensil set for six bucks, a trash can, a little something to hang over the front door, and a super cool water bowl for the kids that pumps the water like a fountain.  Dixie loves it.

So why was your weekend awesome?  Tell Alyssa about it.

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  1. Bed, Bath & Beyond is enough to make any weekend awesome! Combined with football how could you complain!

    Sadly, no football to be had for me this weekend (except on Friday Night Lights), but it was still pretty delightful. My neighbourhood had a festival, lots of free food and music to check out.

    Hope this week can compete with your weekend! And if not, only 4 more sleeps until it's weekend again!

  2. I'm married to an Aggie and don't care about football, but it was a good game! and i love LOVE bed, bath and beyond.

  3. Oh, I've missed you! I was out for the count last week from my new meds. I did read all your posts last week, in between naps, I just didn't have the energy to comment.

    Love me some BB&B! Hope you brought your 20% coupons!

  4. ROLL FREAKIN' TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That game nearly gave me a heart attack, a sore throat, and potentially dangerous to my pregnancy. I yelled and cussed un-ladylike words all afternoon at the TV, and apologized to our son in utero. I posted this during the FIRST QUARTER: "Kamden, cover your ears because Mommy's screaming bad words at the TV. C'mon ALABAMA!!!!!!!!!!! Roll Tide." Oh sweet Jesus, thank goodness Alabama beat those darn Aggies. Cheers for an awesome weekend. =)


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