Thursday, October 17, 2013

Boys Behind the Blog Part 5

Link up with Stephanie and Mal to get to know the boys!  Now say hello to Chris...again.

Boys Behind the Blog Chris
Chris with wrestling legend Mick Foley.
1. Describe yourself in 5 words.  Funny. Fun. Alive. All-American. Sporty.
2. What is your biggest fear?  Bees and Heights.
3. What is your favorite candy?  Sour Patch Kids.
4. What was the best Halloween costume you've ever worn? (include pictures if you have them)  Ryan. [Ryan is an actual person and a great friend from Lejeune.  Chris got his pajama pants and hat and bought this muscle top and drew his tattoos on it.  Man crush much?]
best halloween party ever
Just FYI, this was the best Halloween party ever.
5. Who is your favorite football team?  Florida Gators and my fantasy football team the Magic City Moonshiners.

On a totally unrelated topic I'm quitting caffeinated drinks.  Yep.  No coffee.  No coke.  I drink too much of it and don't drink hardly enough water.  And buddy, I had a mother of a headache at 11:30 yesterday.
My skin has also reverted back to that of a hormonal 16 year old.  Tuesday I googled foods that are good for you skin and the best kinds of face wash then took my list and headed to the grocery store to by an arsenal of weapons to unleash on my skin.  I went home with some Clearasil, some raspberries (that I don't even like), some fresh peppermint (that I don't know what to do with), and avocado (that I don't know how to prepare).  Awesome start.
How do yall like to eat your avocado?  Got any easy recipes?  Let me have 'em!

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  1. homemade guacamole is always good. thinly sliced avocado is good on fish tacos. I did the advocare cleanse a little while ago, and I looked like a total pizza face after a few days. I still don't think it's back to normal, and it hurts my feelings because I normally have good skin! I've been trying to find a facial cleanse that'll do the trick but no luck yet.

  2. I'm deathly allergic to avocado. Fail.

    Chris in his muscle shirt is funny!! And Mick Foley, isn't that the guy who got a little chunk of his ear bitten off?

  3. What??? No caffeine?? You're crazy!! I have mostly quit soda in the past few months but I don't think I could ever give up my coffee. P.S. I am loving your boy-behind-the-blog's crazy answers!

  4. hahaha,,
    that halloween costume inspiration cracks me up. no coffee??? i don't know how i do that.

  5. So I really enjoyed your boy's answers but then the little paragraph at the end totally made my day. I need to lay off caffeine too... maybe tomorrow.... I like to eat avocados with lemon juice and salt. Sounds weird but it's delish! Thanks for linking up with us! xoxo

  6. I think that's hilarious that he dressed up as a friend for his costume!

  7. I like to use avocado on sandwiches in place of mayo, or you can mash it up with some salsa and put it in burritos.


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