Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Costumes, Converses, and Cat Hugs

one. I bought a red bandanna at Wal-Mart Sunday and I'm going to throw my costume together this week!  Thank goodness for pinterest and bandanna tying tutorials.

Surely this "glorified" cold is not what caused the zombie apocalypse.  If it is then EVERYONE is doomed and the show is nearly at its final conclusion.  I'm really curious to see how this virus plays out.  And so Carol's cool with murder now I guess?...

three.  Julianna Hough painted her face and went with a group of friends as characters from the show Orange is the New Black.  Apparently people are pissed that the white girl painted her face dark to portray a black character.  Can we stop being so freaking sensitive about everything?
julianna hough halloween costume

four.  I told you I went to Wal-Mart Sunday?  I literally got out of bed, brushed my teeth, threw on some jeans and went in the ponytail and t-shirt I slept in.  I figured this was acceptable for Wally World.  For Publix no, but for Wal-Mart yes.

five.  The more I think about it the more I want these for Christmas:
white converse

six. Three weeks and one day until Gatlinburg.  We ate at Cracker Barrel last night and walking in and smelling the ham made me want to go.  But then again just about everything makes me want to go to Gatlinburg.

seven. Oh this is perfect.  Wouldn't you agree, Lauren?
I like to party and take naps

eight.  Chris went to a taping of WWE Smackdown last week and got on camera for a few seconds  impersonating a superstar's entrance with two friends.  Apparently the video has gotten some attention in the wrestling fan world.  The wrestler, Big E Langston, even tweeted about it.  Here's the youtube video that Chris is SO proud of.  Sweet baby Moses.  Kaylen, Allison and I made a video of our own.  Chris was not impressed.

nine. I think I could die happy if one of my cats actually hugged me.
cat hug gif

ten. I'm off to read my new issue of InStyle with my girl, TSwift on the cover.  Can't wait to dive right into that...

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  1. Aww, one of my cats totally does the same. :) It is so adorable!
    I have the same Converse sneakers and I love them so much!
    I really wonder what will happen to Glenn! Can't wait for the next episode!

  2. I pretty much feel like I want converse in practically every color....

  3. I really, really want that shirt! Where can I find it?

    Your girl t-swift? hahahah

  4. I think this "cold" thing is kind lame, but I guess it could be true in a zombie apocalypse. OMG, I would love if a cat hugged me.

  5. Aw, I wish my cats would hug me! They settle for mashing their heads into my face and crushing my nose.

  6. People are way too quick to jump on racism/discrimination accusations. There is an image out there (you can probably find it by Googling) where someone's receipt from Waffle House says "Whites only". It was just referring to the customer ordering a dish with egg whites only. Sheesh.

  7. That video of Chris is hysterical! You should be one proud wifey!!!!

    OMG, I wish Linky Cat or Matzo Ball would hug me <3


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