Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Fall Surprises, a Smitten Kitty and a Shoe Hunt

Welcome to Ten on Tuesday! 
Roll of ten things that are on your mind.  Anything at all.  From the government shutdown to Kim Kardashian's new hair color.  Tell us what you're thinking about, grab the button and link up!

one.  I had another awesome weekend.  So awesome in fact I didn't have time to blog it Sunday night.  It consisted of shopping with Mom and Kaylen all day Saturday and going to  Homestead Hollow (a very southern arts and crafts village) Sunday.

Ten on Tuesday
Yes, there was moonshine complete with an ABC agent close by.  More pictures later.
We were so excited for this show to come back on!  I knew that creepy woman in the woods was trouble.  I think the virus has gone airborne now.  And there's something about poor Violet the pig.  I swear, if they try to tell us that animals can turn now I'm going to lose my mind...and then have nightmares about Gus and Dixie becoming zombies.

three. I came home one day last week to this pretty pumpkin and flowers on our front porch.  Thanks, Mom.
ten on tuesday

four.  We are all going to Gatlinurg for a weekend in November and I'm ready to go yesterday.  ALL the smells at Homestead Hollow Sunday made me think of it.

five. I don't know why this is so funny to me:

six.  I just realized my LAST post was a Ten on Tuesday with nothing in between.  BAD Alyssa.

seven. For the first time this fall hot chocolate is on my grocery list and I'm kind of excited about it.

eight.  Heh.  If you haven't read the book, an Avox is a slave who has had his or her tongue cut out.
ten on tuesday

nine. Have you heard of the drug called krokodil that has made its way to the US from Russia?  Apparently it ROTS YOUR FLESH AWAY.  Why why WHY would anyone do that??  I can't even post a picture with this because it's so disgusting.

ten.  I'm on the hunt for some casual shoes for fall that go with eveything (like my trusty white sandals) but will keep my piggies warmer when the temp drops.  They need to look good with skinnies, not have a heel, and preferably be slip on  Just not Toms.  They make my feet look weird. GO!

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  1. I love Gatlinburg! We go every year the week after Christmas! I haven't been to Homestead Hollow yet, which is a shame seeing as how I live in St Clair county and it is basically just down the road! I think I am going to make it a point to go next time for Christmas stuff!!!!

  2. I have heard about that drug and I have no idea why anyone would take that. I mean, who wants rotten flesh? I saw some pictures and they did not look very nice!
    I am so glad that Walking Dead is back. But the poor pig made me so sad! And I knew that the woman in the woods meant trouble! I was like "Don't follow her, Rick!". :)

  3. Hmmmm! I'm really terrible at finding flat, basic shoes. Basic ballet flats don't work for me because it's slushy where I live...what about flat-soled riding/harness boots? I have a pair in dark brown that I can wear with everything in my closet, from tucked-in skinny jeans to skirts. And they can be worn with brown or black clothes alike, since they're so dark.


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