Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Vertigo, Roids, and PMS. I'm Two for Three.

If you're new around here (or if you're not) feel free to list ten things (anything at all) that are on your mind and link up!

one. So facebook quit working for a little while and there was panic in the streets.  Not really.

two. I woke up yesterday morning and knew it would be a bad day with my vertigo.  Miserable.  And then the medicine I have to deal with it just makes me want to fall asleep standing up.

three. Have you seen Beiber lately?  This kid has got to be on roids.  It's just unnatural looking.

four.  My sainted sister got me a ticket to the Alabama/Tennessee game!

five.  I had a lot of free time after all the festivities Saturday so I sat down and actually reorganized my pinterest boards.  What an exciting life I lead.

six.  This is the only reason I haven't turned on the heat yet in the house.  I'll automatically assume the place is going to burn down around us in our sleep.

seven.  I haven't watched LAST week's DWTS yet but I know I have to because Elizabeth Berkley is bringing back Jessie Spano!

eight. One month until Gatlinburg!!

nine. I'm back on the polyvore bandwagon.  Now if this outfit complete with that chanel bracelet could magically appear in my closet, that'd be great.

ten.  When men suggest that PMS and everything that goes with it, really isn't that bad.
It will be the death of me....or Chris.

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  1. 1. Really? I missed this? Where was I?
    2. Sad face. My mom suffers from vertigo (Meniere's disease) so I know about that yucky feeling. I hope you feel better, love!
    3. He reminds me of Marky Mark circa the early 90's, only not talented or attractive. And you're right, it does look fake, which would account for these recent episodes of rage when he is denied booze or entrance to clubs he is NOT LEGALLY OLD ENOUGH TO BE IN!!! (mmmm.... Marky Mark!)

    Did you see the tool bag who spent $100,000 on plastic surgery to look like The Beibs? WTF?
    4. Hooray?
    5. I organized my makeup on Saturday night instead of going to a Bachelorette party (it was a friend of a friend, I didn't bail on a good friend's party!)
    6. Giggle
    7. I don't watch the show, but I watched the performance online. It's cute! Girl can move!
    8. Hooray!
    9. I'm diggin that sparkle bag! Ooooh la la!
    10. Giigle

  2. Haha, I love Friends so much. I am currently re-watching it.
    Oh, I need my heater! I would die without it!
    That sweater is so cute. I really need to search for some cool warm sweaters!

  3. That GIF has been me all week! And I have also been reorganizing my Pinterest boards. :P

  4. 3. way too weird
    4. awesome!
    6. Ha! I've thought the same thing before. Trying to make it to Thanksgiving before my heater comes on.
    10. OMG! Yes, I wanted to do what Rachel wants to do to Mr. Diva last night!

  5. Super cute outfit and I'm loving that charm bracelet! Hope your weekend is wonderful~

  6. Bieber got huge! I didn't see that coming... but the gif made me smile because I love friends so much.
    New follower - Whit from Raspy Wit


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