Monday, October 28, 2013

Why My Weekend was Awesome - Pumpkin Vomit and Drunk Shaming

-This weekend Bama played the Tennessee Volunteers and my lovely sister scored me a ticket in the student section again!  I spent the night in Tuscaloosa with Kaylen at her apartment so we could just get up and go the next morning.  I don't know who was more worried about me staying over night, Mom or Chris.  I can't tell you how many times I heard something to the affect of:
Kaylen, don't lose your sister.
Kaylen, make sure your sister eats.
Kaylen, take care of your sister.
Kaylen, Alyssa might walk off randomly so watch her.
Kaylen, your older sister is incapable of surviving one day on a college campus so be the adult here. 

Kickoff was at 2:30 and the weather all day was perfect.  Sunny, a little breezy and just right for long sleeves.  Like I said, we played Tennessee and they are pretty famous for their, um, unique team colors.  They call it Tennessee Orange.  I call it pumpkin vomit.  Sorry to me Vol friends.  I present to you exhibit A (this is the only exhibit I have but I just like saying "I present to you exhibit A"):
This actually happened.  A glitterized pimp cane.  And you can't see it but the front of that dress is bedazzled too.  Fabulous.

You've heard of fat shaming and you've heard of slut shaming.  I now present to you...drunk shaming:
This charming couple here showed up drunk (to, like I said, a 2:30 game) and nearly slept through the entire first half.  When they weren't slumped over they were trying (trying being the key word) to stand on the bleachers with the rest of the crowd and wave their shakers, quite unenthusiastically.  They each left a couple of times, to go vomit no doubt, but unfortunately they (and their drunk couple friends) always returned to annoy us and the people around us by waving their shakers in our faces and actually sitting during an awesome game, preventing us from standing on the bleachers like LITERALLY EVERY OTHER PERSON IN THE SECTION and seeing what was going on.  The girl next to me actually high fived me in the 4th quarter when the motley crew left, but not before the princess realized her cute little purse had been sitting in a puddle of spilled coke.  Karma.  It sucks.
The moral of this story is: If you're too drunk to function, kindly leave yourself at home.
[Faces have been purposely hidden to protect the obnoxious.]

Drunks aside, I had a blast.  A spend-the-night with my little sister, beautiful weather, and a winning game (we beat the Vols 45-10).  That's what I call a perfect day.

-Saturday night we met Chris' cousin and her friend at Sloss Fright Furnace.  Our first haunted house of the season!  We picked maybe the busiest night to go (the Saturday before Halloween) and were there forever.  But it was so much fun!  We did the Woods trail and the new Outbreak trail where you're chased by zombies through an obstacle course.  They made us sign waivers before we could participate, and now we know why!  It's no joke!  Ropes to swing from, pipes to crawl through and wires to step over that are nearly impossible to see.  It's a death trap for the clumsy!  But as usual the main walk-through was creepy and entertaining.  It doesn't get old for me.  We got home around 2 o'clock.  I don't think I've been out that late since I worked at American Eagle!

-Sunday was amazingly awesome because it was No-Shower-Sunday.  Yep.  You heard me.  Always a fun time in our house.  Pajamas, reading, TV watching, and napping with a little cleaning and laundry sprinkled in.  I love days like that.

Only 5 more days until another awesome weekend!
Was your weekend awesome?  Tell Alyssa all about it.  Leave me a link if you blogged about it!

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  1. So So jealous. Bama and think going to a game would be super fun!

  2. that is some serious orange, wow. and I HATE when people come into a game late absolutely trashed, it's once thing to be drunk and having a good time, but when your drunkenness affects others, it's never fun. Glad the rest of the weekend was fun!

  3. no shower sunday? i like the sounds of that. but generally for me it's no shower saturday/sunday #whoops

  4. Roll Tide! Are you sure they were drunk and not just sick from the sea of hideous orange? Now shower Sundays are the best Sundays.

  5. I'm catching up on all my blog reading at 3:42 Wednesday morning. Awesome.

    First, I need that guy's pimp cane. Second, I'm still blown away by the way people go all out for college football. The south really is a different world compared to where I live. Also, you are a better person than me, I totally would have taken pics of Drunk 1 and Drunk 2's faces!

  6. Glad you liked our outfits, Alyssa. Thanks for uploading this picture of us from the back. Looks like we need to add some bling to the back. It's amazing we haven't seen more pictures of ourselves show up on the internet. We posed for hundreds of pictures that day.


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