Monday, October 21, 2013

Why My Weekend Was Awesome - A VERY Autumn Weekend

Why My Weekend Was Awesome with Two-Thirds Scarlett

[Warning: I'm going to be a walking, talking, typing cliche and tell you about all the awesome, incredibly autumn things I did this weekend.  You have been warned.]

-Saturday I met up with my long lost BFFs, Pam and Lauren and we planned on going to Tannehill Trade Days.  If you've been a reader for any length of time you've seen me talk about this.  We met up and it was raining.  Bummer, right?  Not really.  We went to Dunkin and caught up on everything we've been missing in each others lives over iced mocha lattes (yes, I had caffeine but Monday morning it's back to my trusty jug of water).   By the time we were done eating and gabbing the sun was coming out!  On we went as planned and it turned out to a perfectly fall day.  Sunny with a breeze and cool enough to wear a long sleeve shirt and be comfortable.  I always take cash out but I rarely spend more than ten bucks at these.  I walked away with a set of two gold birds to put on the wall in the hallway and an early Christmas gift for less than ten dollars.  Go me. 

friends, Tannhehill
Look at beauty queen in the back with that hair.
After we shopped around Trade Days for a couple of hours we drove over the RV side of the park.  Before Halloween folks bring their RVs and trailers, park them weeks in advance and decorate the crap out of them.  We drove around for a good thirty minutes just taking in the sights.  And there were plenty of them.  We had the windows rolled down, arms (and cameras) hanging out, driving about 5 mph, oohing and aahing at all the cute and spooky stuff.  It was perfection.  I've missed these two in my daily life.

tannehill, halloween, spooky, decorations
Some of our favorites.
-When I got home I was alone so I made use of my new vacuum and just piddled around the house while watching the original House on Haunted Hill.  Gotta love it.  At one point I was in the bedroom and heard a crash from the kitchen.  I just thought "oh it's the cats" then noticed they were both in the room with me.  Spoiler: a broom fell.

-Sunday was our annual pumpkin carving with David, Tracie, Tristan, and Tyler!  This has always been and will always be one of my favorite things to do with them.  It was extra special this year with it being Ty's first.
 Ty was so ashamed wearing that Florida hat he hid his face.  Poor baby.
I did something new again this year with the haunted house and thought it came out pretty good!  I free handed that bad boy.
It always makes me so happy hanging out with them.  And I must admit it melts my heart a little when Tristan gives Chris and I hugs when we leave.  Baby Fever.

TOLD you this was an extremely "fall" post.

So how was your weekend awesome??  Tel me about it or leave me a link if you blogged it!

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  1. Your pumpkins came out great! We have to do ours this weekend. Did you buy one of the carving kits?

  2. So glad to see you had such a fall-tastic weekend!! I'm lame and I haven't done one fall type thing yet. Besides consume exorbitant amounts of pumpkin spice coffee! Those pumpkins... WOW!!!!

    PS- I am ALLLLLLL caught up on SOA, so I can tune in tomorrow night. I'm kinda sad, it was fun to watch it for 5 hours at a time.


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