Sunday, October 6, 2013

Why My Weekend was Awesome

Saturday I went to my first Alabama game this season!  Kaylen got me a ticket in the student section and it just happened to be homecoming.  It was so much fun just walking around the quad before game time taking in the sights.  We watched the Million Dollar Band practice and perform on the steps on the library.  They played my favorite, Tusks!

Chris was really a tad bit nervous about me A) going at all because I have a low tolerance for heat and B) sitting in the student section.  He actually told me not to leave my drink unattended.  Kaylen, always there to reassure told him that A) she's taken care of me after getting sick before, B) the students can only sneak a small amount of liquor into the stadium so they're not going to waste it spiking drinks, and C) her friend had an anecdote for roofies in her purse if the worst were to happen.  I texted him in the 2nd quarter to let him know all was well and I was in fact still alive.

 It was such a beautiful day even if it was hotter than the hinges.  And as you can see in the second to last picture, I was looking rough towards the end of the day.  I absolutely love going to Tuscaloosa.  The energy is unlike anything you've ever seen.  And say what you want but our campus is beautiful. I told Kaylen to try and get me a ticket some time in November when (hopefully) it's long sleeve weather.

Oh and Alabama shwacked Georgie State 45-3.  I mean, was there any doubt?

If you had a great weekend and blogged about it, feel free to leave a link to your post in the comments!

And this means I get to add my own link to Sarah's Fan Friday link-up!

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  1. College football in other areas (mostly the south and midwest) just boggles my mind. It's nothing like that up here! That stadium is way bigger than the stadium the Philadelphia Eagles play in!

    An anecdote to roofies?

  2. I totally hear you on the heat. OHHH MY GOSH it was so hot in Knoxville this weekend. I was a melted mess by the end of that game. And yeah--- I've NEVER seen a student spike a drink at a football game. It is impossible to get that liquor in the door!


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