Thursday, November 7, 2013

Don't Ever Take This Away From Me

Friday night Chris and I went out to eat with my parents, Kaylen and her longtime boyfriend, Daniel.  Chris had gotten the urge to try somewhere new so we went a couple of towns over to Dixie Fish Company.  It was a really pretty place that's open and bright and looks like it should be sitting on a bay somewhere overlooking the water.  We were stuck placed at a picnic style table right beside the live band so after the sweet cornbread was passed around it got kind of hard to hear.  (OK, we had to yell at each other the rest of the night.)  The food was pretty good and everybody sampled everybody else's.  I got the appetizer crab dip for my meal so there was plenty for me to share.

Better than the food was the company.  I have an immediate family that actually enjoys spending time together.  I sat between Chris and Daddy and their football talk.  We were jokingly teasing Mother for ordering a glass of wine.  You have to understand, we're all what I like to call "recovering southern baptists" and southern baptists do. not. drink.  Daniel (all 6 foot, 260 pounds of him) was trying to eat whatever was on Kaylen's plate.  We were strategizing where we would eat when we take our trip to Gatlinburg in a couple of weeks.  Chris tried a new beer and explained to everyone that it's a good thing that it's foggy.  Kaylen and I were swaying and bobbing our heads awkwardly to the jazzy music.  Dad grabbed another spoonful of my entree and said "I don't know why I only eat crab dip when I'm with you" and smiled at me.

I looked around the table and tried really hard not to let my eyes well up because I'm so completely happy.  Then I think to myself surely it can't always be this way.  No one is this lucky.  There's got to be something around the corner to smash this happy bubble I'm in because things just can't be this good for one person.  Then I just stop and pray silently, please God, let things be this way always.  Don't ever take this away from me.

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  1. What a sweet post, and it's times like these when you just need to remove yourself from the moment (just for second!) reflect, and be grateful for what you have.

    Why don't southern baptists drink?

  2. You are very lucky to have a family like that. Outside of my parents, my husband and I generally both have the types that you avoid and only speak to at obligatory holiday/birthday times.

  3. Awe, so sweet! I love family's that are close! Something to truly cherish!


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