Sunday, November 10, 2013

From the Halls of Montezuma

I mentioned before that I work with a lot of older men.  There’s one man, Mr. Clarence, that is a former Marine like Chris.  The ringtone on his cellphone is the Marine Corps Hymn.  It’s just a dinky, little ringtone but every time I hear it ring in the office I smile.  I guess if you’ve never been a Marine or loved a Marine in one way or another, that little tune doesn’t mean much.  But It means the world to me.  Every time I hear it, I see the span of five years when the Marine Corps was our life:

I see that first glimpse I got of Chris at Parris Island and how he looked so different from the kid I knew in high school.
I see all the care packages stuffed with slim jims, cards, and confetti (yes, confetti) that I sent him while he was deployed.
I see the buses pulling up to headquarters the night he came home.
I see the honor guard at our wedding.
I see us sitting on the couch filling out his will and him packing his bags.
I see him standing on the street in the dark watching me drive away the night he deployed again.
I see me curled up in ball crying, sleeping with his t-shirt that same night.
I see all the ceremony and tradition at the Marine Corps Ball.
I see me opening my Christmas gifts with him on the satellite phone half a world away on the second Christmas he missed.
I see every single one of the amazing friends we had at Lejeune.
I see Chris throwing his boots over the wires and us loading all of our earthly processions into a Uhaul headed home for good.

Marine Corps Birthday, Marine Collage, Veterans day
It was by no stretch an easy five years.  But I wouldn't trade it for the world.  If I were any more proud of him my heart may explode.
Happy 238th birthday, Marines and Happy Veterans Day.

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  1. Thank you Chris for serving our country! And thank you Alyssa for standing by a marine and encouraging him!

  2. Thank you to Chris for serving and protecting our country! This pos made me tear up. My Dad is a Marine. Semper Fi!

  3. This is so sweet - thank your husband for his service and thank you for sharing him with us. Happy Veterans day!


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