Friday, November 15, 2013

My Favorite Things to Do in Gatlinburg

We have exactly SIX DAYS until we’re loaded up and headed to Gatlinburg for a long weekend.  I’ve blabbered about my favorite place in the world many a time before but please allow me to do it again.  Gatlinburg is very special for me.  My family used to make a trip there every winter when I was a kid.  It’s where Chris and I spent our first day as boyfriend/girlfriend on a church trip when I was fourteen.  It’s where we honeymooned and also where we spent our first anniversary.  I would choose Gatlinburg over the beach any day of the week.  Not only do I love it for its sentiment but there’s so much to do there it’s impossible to be bored.

If you find yourself looking a for a new weekend destination and you’re in the southeast, you might want to give Gatlinburg a try and while you’re in town there are a few things you simply MUST do (just because I said so):

 photo MyFavoriteThingstodoinGatlinburg_zpsaa9e213a.jpg

Ride the Chairlift
This is usually one of our first stops and it’s a Gatlinburg icon.  If you’re scared of heights (like my Chris) don’t fret too much.  You’re usually only about 8-10 feet off the ground during the ascent.  But even if you’re deathly afraid of being off the ground and suspended in air over a mountain side, the view from up top is breathtaking and worth the terror.
gatlinburg chairlift through the years, things to do in gatlinburg
2008 on our one year anniversary trip/2012 on a family trip
Eat at the Log Cabin
Another Gatlinburg staple.  Every time I smell ham it makes me want some Log Cabin breakfast.

Ride the Tram
Remember I said if you’re scared of heights you’ll be fine on the chairlift?  Not the same story here.  The tram takes you across 2 miles of mountain up to the ski resort Ober Gatlinburg.  Chris has never had the opportunity to do this but it probably wouldn’t be pretty.

Go on a Ghost Tour
We’ve been on two and enjoyed both.  The first tour guide we had wore a cape and carried a cane and WALKED INTO TRAFFIC, STOPPING ONCOMING CARS WITH HIS CANE.  Both guided us around Gatlinburg at night showing us places that were supposedly haunted and told us the history behind them.   If you like a good ghost story you should definitely check one of these out.

Drive through Cades Cove
Cades Cove is an 11 mile loop that has some of the most beautiful mountain scenery you can imagine.  We’ve been there and have seen dozens and dozens of deer and then again we’ve been and only seen one flippin turkey.  If you’re really lucky you’ll see a bear.  Even if you don’t see a thing it makes a pretty backdrop for pictures:
Cades Cove family pictures, things to do in gatlinburg
See?  Pretty picture.
 Visit the Aquarium
My favorite thing!  It doesn’t get old for me.  This is the prettiest aquarium I’ve been to and the 340 ft. long under water tunnel in itself is worth the trip.

Get fudge
I mean obviously.

Above everything else I just mentioned, my most favorite thing to do is walk down the strip just taking in the air and enjoying just being there.  And bonus points for all of my nearest and dearest being there.

Speaking of nearest and dearest, Wednesday was Chris's birthday and tonight we're taking him to eat at a restaurant of his choosing.  It just so happens he has incredible taste and chose Firebirds.  Please excuse me while I stuff myself with wood grilled salmon until I burst.  Even more exciting than that?  The navy top and red pointy toe flats I bought to wear.  Even more exciting than THAT??  The gift I got him that I hope he likes.

Have an awesome weekend!

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  1. Ohhhhh...I'm jealous! I love Gatlinburg! Enjoy and thanks for sharing some of your favorites.

  2. i think i'll love Gatlinburg too. it sounds like tons of fun to do there

  3. omg another Gatlinburg lover!!!!! I went there for my honeymoon and fell in LOVE with it. My heart still longs to be back in those amazing mountains. The Pancake Pantry was my favorite place to go and ziplining was my favorite thing to do. I'm so jealous you're going back!

  4. My husbands family goes up there every year after Christmas and stays until after New Years. This year will be my third time with them and I love it!!!I love walking around downtown in all the shops, getting fudge and eating at Apple Barn! Sledding is always a must too if there is snow when we are there!

  5. Girl, I definitely have to go! It all looks like so much fun! The fudge should be at the top, haha! :-)


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