Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Birthday Gifts, The Govenor and Lizards in Boots

one. Saturday while Chris was gone I got the bright idea to clean the shower and take one simultaneously.  After scrubbing two walls, I thought my heart would beat out of my chest and nearly passed out.  That's what I get for trying to kill two birds with one sponge.

two. I got my hair cut like Rachel's finally!  Don't you love when you find a hair dresser who does you right EVERY SINGLE TIME?

three.  I told you I had a pretty cool gift for Chris for his birthday.  The family and I got him a flag pole for the front yard with the US flag and the Marine flag under it.  Dad poured the concrete Tuesday and put the rest up while Chris was in the shower getting ready for his birthday dinner.  He was so surpirised!  Look at that smile:

four. I never thought I would but I find myself wanting some printed leggings.

five.  Everyone is posting super cute pictures of their Christmas decorations.  This will be the first time decorating the house for Christmas!  I've got to get on this when we get back from our trip.

six. At our church we're having an At The Movies series where they show clips from blockbusters and Pastor Chris pulls biblical truths from them.  This week the sermon was based on The Impossible.  Oh my stars.  Just the few scenes that we saw gripped an iron first around my soul and squeezed out all my tears.  Not even kidding.

seven. WALKING DEAD SPOILERS BELOWSooo it was the govenor show Sunday night.  Not digging it.  I don't care what he's been up to or anything about his personal growth to being a  better human being.  It's NOT going to make me sympathetic toward him and I still just want Rick to kill him.

eight.  TWO DAYS until Gatlinburg!

nine.  File this under random.

ten.  Watch this.  Could watch this on repeat for hours.

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  1. That's a cute outfit! I wouldn't normally go for printed leggings, but I would make an exception in this case. :)

  2. I am a bit behind on the walking dead series (just watched the episode where rick and carol part ways) and I can`t see any way for the show to redeem the governor. i think viewers are going to hate him regardless!

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

    the printed leggings are cute!

  3. I love the printed leggings! They look fabulous. Now I want some too! :) Yay for the new haircut! That goat video is hilarious. :) Thanks for sharing! I want to see more Daryl on Walking Dead!

  4. What a fantastic gift for Chris, I imagine that means so much to him! Kudos to you for thinking of such a special thing!
    I want to see your hair!
    That lizard in the Barbie boots is hysterical!


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