Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - The Last Minute, Christmas Shopping and Dodging Your Friends

one.  I can't lie.  I went to sleep last night at 8 o'clock (that makes me sound incredibly old) WITHOUT doing my ten.  Soooo here I am at 6:30 doing it. 

two. Did you see pictures of Kelly Clarkson's dress??  Swoon.  If I could have another wedding THAT would be what mine would look like.  Or something like it.

three. The sister and I went on an impromptu shopping trip yesterday and stocked up on sweaters for our trip.  It's only a three day trip but whatever.  I forgot how much I LOVE sweaters!  So comfy!

four. WALKING DEAD SPOILERS BELOW! So Rick went boss and banished Carol.  Whatcha think?  I'm leaning toward Rick did the right thing.  If he told the group what Carol did A) Tyrese would kill Carol and B) It would split the group in half.

five. PERFECT.  "Born to Shop. Forced to Cook."  [On a side note, why in the hades are some of my pictures uploading dark?  Anyone else using blogger have this problem?]
six. Speaking of shopping, guess who's already started on Christmas shopping.  THIS GIRL.  I'm so proud.  Obviously.

seven.  What is the opposite of writer's block?  Writer's vomit or something?  I think I've had it this week.

eight. So Chris Brown slugged a guy and is in trouble again.  Anyone shocked?  Anyone?  This guy is just a street thug.

nine. 16 days until Gatlinburg!!

ten. This boy cracks me up.  We've all been there:

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  1. I would love to see the sweaters you got! :) I need to go and look for some sweaters too. It is getting cold!
    Kelly Clarkson's dress is so beautiful!

  2. I made a dent in our Christmas shopping too and I am pumped, last year we had so many last minute gifts to buy that the holidays were super stressful. And i can't even handle Kelly Clarkson's wedding dress, so gorgeous!

  3. I have the answer for number 5!!!! This is what ya do (I had to do this too!)

    From blogger home go to Account Settings. From there go to Profile and Privacy. Scroll down to Google + Photos. Edit Photo settings, scroll down to Auto Enhance, click Off and save! ♥

    Hope that wasn't too confusing!

  4. 1. I fell asleep not much later than that. I guess the time change got to us both! Hoooray for sleep!
    2. It's not my style of dress, but she looks absolutely stunning!
    3. Hoooray sweaters! Target has some REALLY nice cozy comfy sweaters, and you can get coupons online! :-)
    5. That apron in the bomb dot com
    6. Woww. I just read that Sears will be open ALLLLL day on Thanksgiving, and that really makes me sad. Boooo to Sears.
    7. I call it word vomit.
    8. He seriously needs to be voted off the island. He is a pig.
    9. Wooot!

  5. I love her dress! So classy and elegant but not at all stuffy and traditional. It's the perfect balance :)

  6. Kelly Clarkson's dress is definitely swoon worthy! I've always loved lacey long sleeves on a wedding dress like that. If I had a do over that's totally the way I'd go :)


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