Monday, November 4, 2013

We Can Do It!

Did everyone have a fun Halloween?? I’ve been loving looking at everyone’s pictures.

Wednesday night I decided it would be a good idea to start putting my costume together. I had it all in my closet.  That's the looks I was going for this year: cheap easy.  I was up and at my parent’s house at 6:15 Thursday morning for Kaylen to do my hair and make-up. After our trial run the night before I decided it was just too flippin difficult to do a styled ponytail and thick eyeliner. God bless Kaylen.

I think she did a good job styling Rosie the Riveter!
Rosie the Riveter costume, Halloween, we can do it, easy costumes

It was my first Halloween at the new job and I wasn’t disappointed!  We had a witch, a black cat, Thing 1 and Thing 2, a minion and my favorite, Uncle Fester complete with light bulb in the mouth. What was cute was that the owners dressed up as a king and queen.  In the kitchen we had Halloween cookies and cupcakes and someone left a big bowl of candy on my desk for everyone.  I love it when people get in the spirit!
We didn’t have one single trick-or-treater.  But I didn’t really expect to.  It was supposed to be raining all night and most of the churches in town did their trunk-or-treats or fall festivals or whatever the night before.
It’s such a shame because I thought our yard looked nice and spooky with our floating ghosts:
halloween yard decorations, ghosts
I threw away our pumpkin Friday morning (the poor thing was collapsing in on itself) and put away my sparkly cat and the rest of my d├ęcor at work.  Le sigh.
Oh well.  On to the next.  I’m going to make a Target/Michaels trip soon to get some more Thanksgiving-y stuff.  There’s always something to decorate for!

I said that I had the essentials for my costume in my closet (the bandana came from Wal-Mart).  I wasn't lying!  The Halloween Costume That's Already in Your Closet.

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  1. You make a very cute Rosie the Riveter!

  2. you look cute! i love your costume

  3. You look awesome!, and Kaylen did a great job on your makeup! It looks fresh and simple. I dig it. I think it's great that your company gets into the spirit, it's little things like that that make work a little nicer. Steve's office had a pumpkin carving contest. That trunk-or-treat thing go really popular up my way this year, too. At first, the idea of it kinda creeped me out, but I guess it's a cute iead! Stinks you had no trick-or-treaters, but you get ALL THE CANDY!!!

  4. I love that your new company was into Halloween. I started a new job back in June, and we didn't do anything here. My old job never did anything, but this year they went all out and had a Halloween party and every person dressed up. Oh well, I think after I left they changed a lot of things and made it a better atmosphere because it was HORRIBLE when I was there and I thoroughly let them know that in my exit interview!

  5. I love reading about Halloween costumes and going ons. Here in Australia halloween is rarely/hardly acknowledged but it just seems like such fun! Awesome floating ghosts :) xx


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