Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Two Christmas Lists

Welp, that time of year is upon us.  The most magical and my personal favorite time.  The season of the mother of all holidays: Christmas time.
I’m so jealous of everyone’s cute Christmasy blog posts!  They’re showing their homes beautifully decorated.  They’re giving us amazingly sweet holiday recipes.  I’m neither a great decorator or a great cook.  No, I’m afraid I have nothing to offer you except….my Christmas list.
I’ve been good and broken my list into two categories for anyone looking to buy for me: The Might Actually Happen List and the Out of the Realm of Possibility List.
My Christmas List
1. White Converses // 2. VC Fireside Long Jane Pajamas // 3. A pistol  [I work at a gun store and finally got bit by the gun bug] // 4. Small TV for the bedroom // 5. Pretty wallet // 6. Front screen door

That, if you couldn't tell was the Might Actually Happen List.  On to the next.
Out of the Realm of Possibility List:
-All inclusive trip to Disneyworld.  Stay at the Polynesian is a must
-Pet tiger
-A sunroom
-Charlie Hunnam
-A Thomas Kinkade painting that covers one wall
-An infinite Dunkin Donuts gift card

Merry Christmas indeed.
What's on your Christmas list this year?
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  1. We have 2 Samsung TV's and they are both awesome! Definitely the way to go.

    Have you visited the Thomas Kinkade store in Gatlinburg? My husband and I walked through there last year and I fell in love with ALL of his Disney pictures!!! I want one so bad for our house but I just cant see paying that much for one painting right now. Sigh. Maybe one day!!!

  2. Haha. I love both your lists!!!! :-)


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