Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

I did something Friday at work that actually made me ask Chris " I stupid?". 
I work in a ghetto sketchy part of town and the store has several security cameras inside and out.  Even still there's been break-ins recently with all the craziness around Christmas.  Midday Friday I went to my car in the employee parking lot to put my check in the bank.  I hopped in and realized...the doors were already unlocked and I was POSITIVE I locked them that morning.  I got out and walked around to each door to see if anything was missing.  My rain boots I last saw in the back floorboard weren't there.  The CDs I have hidden under the seat were.  I honestly figured they would be safe because what street thug wants a bunch of Celine Dion and NOW That's What I Call Music CDs?  I went back in to Jeff (his office is connected to mine) and told him I thought my car might have been broken into.  I hung over his shoulder while he played the security footage back.  He sped it up and looked and looked and we saw nothing...
Until we saw a person in a dark jacket walk out of the alley, OPEN MY CAR DOOR, GET IN, GET OUT, WALK AROUND TO ALL THE OTHER DOORS and retreat back into the alley.  Jeff said "OMG did you see that?!"  He played it back and I yelled "son of& !%@$!  Someone broke into my freaking car!!  Jeff, what do I do?!  Are you going to call the cops?!"  I was livid.  Ready to go after somebody.
And Jeff said "that's YOU".  I didn't realize we had watched ALL the footage from that day and had made it back to five minutes before when I walked out to MY car.
I was ready to hunt down and kill someone that fit my description exactly.
you're an idiot
And the cherry on top of this ridiculous cake.
After I calmed down and realized a stranger had in fact NOT been in my car I went back outside to go to the bank.  I had my unlock clicker in my right hand like I always do when walking to my car and instinctively hit the unlock button about fifteen away.  And then it hit me.  I unlocked the freaking doors and forgot within those fifteen feet.  For pity’s sake.
Moving on to a less stupid topic.
I’m stoked (yes, I still say “stoked”) for the weekend.  Tomorrow (my actual birthday) after work Chris is taking me to McAllister’s, my favie, and a movie.  I gave HIM the choice between Saving Mr. Banks and Catching Fire (again).  I know, how generous of me.  Saturday the whole family is taking me to Joe’s, our favorite little Italian mom and pop restaurant.  You KNOW there are pictures to come.  I may be a ditz but I’m a ditz with people that love her.
See you at 26!
PS.  The rain boots were in our bedroom.
sylvester the cat idiot
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  1. Hey we have the same name! Mine is just spelled differently. :) Hi I'm Alissa. I love your blog and been following you on Bloglovin :)

  2. haha! this is hilarious, take heart, I do incredibly stupid things like this all the time that my adoring husband NEVER lets me live down.

  3. Oh my gosh, I can't stop laughing!!!! Is Jeff still making fun of you?

    Sometimes you feel like a nut.. sometimes you don't! Almond Joys got nuts. Mounds don't!

    You are a good wife, I know on MY birthday I would be making all the decisions!!! Soooooo many good movies, I'm hoping to see Anchorman 2 this weekend.

    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday, my love!! Hopefully Jax jumps out of your birthday cake <3

  4. Loved this post! Now I don't feel so bad for being OLD and forgetful. lol

  5. Hahahaha. I am laughing with you....not at you. I have thought my car was broken in before too. Paranoid, much?!

    I hope that you have a WONDERFUL birthday pretty lady!

  6. LOL that's too funny - I've freaked out over the same scenario as well and realized whatever I "assumed" was stolen was in my bedroom all alone.. I have REALLY awful memory so it came to no surprise but you still feel as though they should strip you of your diploma or something. :) Have a great one Alyssa! -Iva

  7. Oh wow! Somehow I can see doing something similar. At least you can laugh at yourself!


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