Friday, December 6, 2013

Style Crush // Katy Perry

Happy Friday everyone!

Someone must have slipped me stupid pills yesterday because last night was not a good night for me.  I burned my hand with scalding hot water when I had the bowl of said water in my hands (with pot holders, ya know, so I didn't burn myself) and like an idiot tried to close the microwave door with my elbow.  Sloshing.  Burning.  Cursing.  More cursing than I care to admit.

Before that Chris and I tried to put lights on our still bare tree.  We circled the tree once and went to attach the second strand and realized we put the wrong end at the top so we couldn't connect the two.  We took them off and flipped sides and tried again.  Wrong again.  We figured we just weren't paying attention and just put the same end at the top.  When Dad came by to look at my hand HE and Chris put the first strand of lights on...for the third time.  When we went to attach the second strand we realized one end of the lights actually has a female AND a male end.  In other words,  it was probably right the very first time we did it. 
Whatever.  Lights are on.  Ornaments are tonight.

Moving on from that sad story...

I realized recently while flipping through a magazine that I have a serious style crush on Katy Perry.  Particularly her red carpet dresses.  I'm not huge on the smurf miniskirts or the cupcake bras.  But the girl knows how to pick a killer dress that flatters.  I like to think if I were rich and famous (you mean I'm not?!) these are the dresses I would choose to walk the red carpet in.  Colorful, feminine, unique, and always flattering.
Style Crush, Katy Perry, red carpet
style crush, katy perry, red carpet
katy perry, style crush, red carpet
And then the dress to end all dresses.  My favorite thing she's ever put on her body.  Pure, icy blue perfection.  I even love the matching hair.  If I had any hint of an excuse, I would wear this in a hot second:
katy perry, style crush, grammys dress, red carpet, blue dress
I'd like to take the opportunity to mention that the stunning Katy and I have a few things in common: blue eyes, fair skin...and we both look RATCHET in the mornings with no make-up.

Is Ms. Perry's style right up your alley or just not your cup of tea?
Have a great weekend!

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  1. I too, don't care for those cupcake disasters she wears, but yes, her red carpet style is the tits. (see what I did there?) Her body is ridiculous, and even though she really puts it out on display, I never think its too much. I would kill for those curves! I love the black and white one shoulder gown.

  2. Dude....thats her in the am?!

  3. Katy does have some beautiful dresses. What do you have against cupcake bras? They are so practical...

  4. She definitely is a gorgeous woman! I love everything she wears!

  5. I love Katy Perry's style!! Have you seen her movie? If not, I highly recommend it! It really shows how much of a hard worker she is but it also left me crying at times when it shows her finding out about her divorce. Despite the tears, totally a good movie if you have a girl crush on her!!


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