Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Christmas Shopping, Spider Talk, and The Great Debate

one.  Wednesday night Kaylen and I went to see Catching Fire.  AMAZING.  If you enjoyed the first movie you will LOVE this one.  I fully intend on paying full price to see it again before it leaves theaters.

two. Saturday afternoon I STARTED Christmas shopping and got halfway done.  Woop woop!  I'm also kind of proud of myself because at checkout I googled promo codes and saved some mula.  Snip Snap App is my new best friend.

three.  That's what I'm saying.
talking with a spider

four. WALKING DEAD SPOILERS! Holy freaking crap.  I'm happy and depressed at the same time.  Chris and I stood and cheered when the governor got the sword.  But Herschel!  I don't think Judith is dead.  This show has taught me that if there's no body, they're probably not dead.

five. Very sad about Paul Walker.  But some people always have to complain about something.  One of my favorite bloggers (a military wife to boot) took the words out of my mouth when she posted this editorial to her facebook.

six. This has been my argument all along.

seven. We put up our tree (put up not decorated) Sunday.  The kids weren't sure what to make of it.  We were sitting on the couch, heard a jungle bell and saw a pair of feet just drop from the tree.  This makes me very nervous to actually put ornaments on it.
christmas tree cat

eight. Did anyone else know that E has Saved by the Bell on in the morning??  I've been watching it for the past two weeks and it reminds me so much of elementary school.  Every morning I watched this and California Dreams.  Remember that show? 

nine. Dying over this:
Sheldon Cooper, Rocky Horror

ten. There's a great debate on facebook.  Elf on a Shelf: cute or creepy?

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  1. One- I still have see it
    Two- I've been doing all online shopping. Are you joined to ebates? If not, tell me and I'll send you the link to join. It's amaze balls.
    Three- Ha!
    Four- SOA tonight!
    Five- There were full out debates all over my FB feed. I enjoyed your friends blog post, hit the nail on the head.
    Six- BOOM!
    Seven- HAHAHHA! We put ours up, and so far there haven't been any ornament fatalities.
    Eight- good to know!
    Nine- I have no words....
    Ten- freaking creepy. I still dont understand why parents need to do this.

  2. Animals and the Christmas tree haha! One of my dogs is OBSESSED with ornaments. He thinks they are toys hanging for him to try and get. Luckily he is only 7 lbs and can only ready the bottom of the tree, otherwise we would be in trouble!

    I watch Saved by the Bell in the mornings too!!!

    I am tired of seeing Elf on the Shelf pictures. They take up my entire Facebook feed!

  3. I love The Big Bang Theory so much! Can't believe what happened to Hershel! One of my favorite characters! I really wish I could talk to spiders! And all other animals! :)

  4. Elf DEFINITELY equals creepy and too mischievous in my mind. Besides, I don't have enough creativity/energy/patience to do something different every single day. Now, a friend and fellow blogger sent me her family member's GENIUS idea called Kindness Elves. (Link --> http://theimaginationtree.com/2013/11/alternative-elf-on-shelf-tradition-kindness-elf.html) While the whole idea of elves is a bit annoying, I love the concept of service to others and it's not necessarily a "daily" chore to accomplish. Plus, you could easily substitute an elf for another figurine or stuffed doll instead. I think I might introduce this to Kamden ... when he's older, of course! Speaking of which, just a couple more weeks (maybe days) until Baby K arrives. EEEEK!!!!!

    p.s. Saved By The Bell is awesome ------ now and 20 years ago! HAHAHAHA


  5. I think the Elf is mostly creepy, and way more work than I think I'd be down for. But I did see pictures last week of dino figures posed daily for the month of November that I love. Basically the same concept as the elf - the parents started it to try and encourage imagination in real life, rather than just computer games. So maybe I could get used to the ELF idea?

    I'm not ready to talk about The Walking Dead. It was so satisfying, yet unsatisfying all at once. I am glad the brooding governor episodes are over at least!


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