Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - A Night at the Theatre and The Great Debate Decided.

one. Hueytown now has a Heisman winner!  Congrats to Jameis!  We were in California Pizza Kitchen Saturday night when we watched the announcement.  We were so excited!

two. Sunday was a full day.  I went with the fam to the early service at church, to the Alabama Theatre to watch A Christmas Story and then to Ihop.  The Alabama is gorgeous and always leaves me captivated.

three.  I haven't heard anything from my girl T-Swift in a while.  Did she fall off the face of the earth?  One can only hope...

four. Yesterday at work, all I did was eat.  I made oatmeal for breakfast then someone brought in two cheeseballs.  Then a man brought in home made peanut butter candies.  THEN the co-owner made everyone turkey or ruben sandwiches.  THEN a box of Godiva chocolates from a vendor got passed around.  And lastly someone had some home made beef jerky in their locker.  God bless the holidays.

five. Remember I asked if Elf on the Shelf was cute or creepy?  This video shot by a creative parent seals the deal.  SUPER creepy.

six. The smartphone wins again.  I JUST finished my second book in 4 months.  I have got to MAKE myself put the phone down.

seven. Basically.

eight. I am so sleepy.  Is it bad that I'm looking forward to Christmas so I can get a few extra Z's?

nine. Ha.  Overall.

ten. No link up for the next TWO weeks (Christmas and New Years Eve!)  Holy crap.  2014 is two weeks away.

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  1. OMG, the Honey Boo Boo gif! The cat picture! Seth Myers!!

    I love the scarf you are wearing in the photos, that pink is gorgeous. And although it is 9:12am, I am craving California Pizza Kitchen in the worst way!

  2. I always joke with my husband when we see a spider and say things like "Now we have to burn the house down!" He is always too busy screaming like a little girl to hear my clever joke. :)


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