Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Always Knew

[If you don't care for mush just go ahead and scroll past this.  You have been warned.]

Anyone remember AOL surveys?  Before facebook or even before everyone had a  myspace, my friends would pass around surveys a mile long through email.   What's your favorite day of the week, what color shirt are you wearing, do you smoke...mostly real deep stuff.  Being the emotional hoarder that I am, I saved a few and forgot I had them.  I was bored one day, digging through old files and behind a TON of saved AIM conversations and emails from Iraq was this little gem.  A survey in bright pink and blue  type no less from early 2005.  {FYI.  We've been a couple since 2002.)  Please excuse the terrible grammar and spelling.

51. What will you look for in a guy/ girl that u might want to get married to? He's got to be about 5'8, 5'9ish, I like brown har, blue eyes, athletic is good too.  I want him to have ONE ear ring in his left ear, He MUST have broad shoulders.  I like someone who enjoys REAL rock music.  He's gotta love wrestling and football.  H'e gotta be funny, out-going, willing to spend money on moi, he's gotta love a good laugh.  It helps if he's about a year and a month older than me.  Its good if he enjoys a good back-scratchin too.  He's gotta love me no matter how hard I am to put up with and he's gotta be sweet, caring, compassionate, loveable, willing to give away free hugs, adventurous, and I would like it if he would tilt his head like a puppy dog when he looks at me.

97% of that is still true.

He doesn't have an earring anymore but he still gives the best free hugs.

Young love

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  1. I am giggling over this! Oh man oh man, the AOL surveys! Hahahaha! Chris looks like such a baby! You however, look exactly the same. Seriously, have you aged?????

  2. Love this! AIM was my jam back in the day!! The away messages, the quirky little paragraph you write for your profile, the chat rooms, the funny surveys. I loved all of it!


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