Friday, January 10, 2014

My Best and Worst Decisions

First things first.  In case you haven't heard.  It was cold everywhere this week.

cold in alabama, eskimo
I actually had to layer. #alabamaproblems
Moving on...

The first Sunday of the new year was a GREAT one.  Pastor Chris focused on decisions.  Makes sense for a new year.  He talked about how all the decisions we’ve ever made lead us to where we are, good or bad.  He made a list of some that he made and how it changed his life.  The point was to say that 2014 needs to be the year we decide to follow Jesus in all our steps.  Like the old hymn that was always one of my favorites.  Every day we need to wake up and make that decision.

That got me to thinking about decisions I’ve made.  I started making a mental list of the some of the best ones…and then some of the not so smart ones:

Good Decision: Marrying Chris.  That’s an easy one.  Yes, he’s the frosting to my cupcake and all that jazz but so much more.  Because of him, I had the craziest five year adventure and met some of the most amazing people we’ll ever know.  GAH, why can’t I type that without tearing up.  Without knowing it he taught me what unconditional love meant. The boy is it for me.

 Bad Decision: I went through a (short) period where I drank.  A good bit.  People rarely make good decisions when drunk and I was no exception.  I let my mouth run away with me and ended up saying things to Chris I would never say sober.  Reason # 1,284 I hardly drink anymore.  Wow.  Being drunk is something I’ve never talked about on this blog.  First time for everything I guess.

Good Decision: Switching jobs.  It’s amazing what a change of scenery can do for your life.  Since coming to my new place of employment four and a half months ago I’m immeasurably happier.  I don’t mind going into the office and and I don’t leave angry.  Chris will even tell you that I’ve been different since August 19.  I took (what I thought was) a chance and got only the second full-time job I’ve ever had.  I left my comfort zone and it paid off.  Boy, did it pay off.  (Shout out to Pam and Lauren here.  I still miss yall on the daily.)

Bad Decision: Wasting money.  Oh gees.  How much time do you have?  I make myself angry thinking about money we blew when we were young in our marriage.  Money we didn't have to spend mind you.  If we'd cooked a little more...  If we'd saved just a little each month...  If we'd paid our bills on time...  If when we got little breaks we'd been smart with it...  There I go getting angry again.

It bugs me when people say "oh I don't regret anything, I have no regrets" when they've done some really idiotic things that got them in a mess.  Maybe they say it out of pride or whatever, I don't know.  But I don't mind telling you I HAVE THINGS THAT I REGRET.  In some areas I wish I'd made better decisions. 

But it's a brand new year with new decisions to make.  Here's to making the right ones.
Everyone have a GREAT weekend.

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  1. I agree--there are definitely decisions that I regret. And I think it's worth admitting so that you don't make the same mistakes again!

  2. I definitely have regrets in life (many!), but I don't think it's good to dwell on them. I think they form you into the person you are today. It's too easy to say "Oh I wish we didn't..." but really, you can't go back and change those decisions, just learn from them, and hopefully not make those mistakes.

    happy Weekend! Stay warm! <3

  3. Ugh. Money is such a horrible subject. I get angry every time I think about all the money we spend stupidly as well! Its like I know better but I still do it!

  4. I think it's so hard not to waste money but sounds like you're on the right path!

  5. I have similar thoughts about money...have to remember to look ahead, not back!

    On a side note, I love your Mockingjay pin!!!!


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